2005-06-02 | Tohoku University of Art & Design Library Screenings (June)

Documentary screenings are held once a month (every third Wednesday) at the 2nd floor AV room in the Tohoku University of Art & Design Library. Admission is free, and attendance is open to everyone.

Tohoku University of Art & Design Library Screenings

June 15 (Wed) 17:30 (single screening)
Shepherds’ Journey into the Third Millennium YIDFF 2003
Dir: Erich Langjahr
SWITZERLAND / 2002 / Swiss-German, German / Color / 35mm / 124 min

A look at the daily lives of a family of shepherds in Switzerland, set against a mountainous backdrop. A flock of several hundred sheep wanders through snow in search of fresh pastures, crossing roads and negotiating traffic. Lambs are born under the gaze of the shepherd’s wife and children, who spend day after day milking by hand and making bread. Shepherding is said to be one of the oldest professions in the world, and we are shown its harsh and hard-working lifestyle with a steady gaze.
An Interview with Erich Langjahr

[Venue] Tohoku University of Art & Design, Library 2F, AV Room
[Admission] Free
[In cooperation with] Tohoku University of Art & Design Library
[Presented by] YIDFF Organizing Committee
[Contact] phone: 023-666-4480 (YIDFF Yamagata Office)