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2002-09-01 | Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival 2002

The pure and unique films which reflecting “The Present” and the potential of “The Future” of our lives are screened at Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival 2002. The festival will take place from Friday, September 13 to Monday, September 16, 2003.

12 films and videos were selected from 265 student entries from Japan and around the world. A Grand Prize and Semi-Grand Prizes will be selected by the final jurors.

  • World Program
    Fiction, documentary, and animation films from eight countries including the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Israel.
  • Kansai premiere of Jia Zhang-ke’s Xiao Shan Going Home!
  • The hottest of the young Japanese directors hit Kyoto! Works by Toyoshima Keisuke, Shimizu Takashi, Funahashi Atsushi, and Yamashita Nobuhiro.
  • Kicking off “Post Fiction!” the <YAMAGATA +> Film Festival in Kansai! Soshin: In Your Dreams, A True Story About Love, and This Winter.

  • Friday, September 13
    “Where will the production of independent film go from here?—A Reflection on Rikkyo University’s SPP Cinema Club”
    Shinozaki Makoto x Manda Kunitoshi
  • Saturday, September 14
    “What’s the Reality of Cinema?—New Approaches to Documentary Film”
    Fujioka Asako x Kasezawa Mitsuru x Kobayashi Takahiro x Tanaka Miwa x Hotate Yuji
  • Sunday, September 15
    “Discussion! KISFVF2002 Competition—The Future of Cinema”
    Directors of the winning works x Final jurors
  • Monday, September 16
    “The Potential of Film and Video—Toward the New Era of Japanese Cinema”
    Shimizu Takashi x Toyoshima Keisuke x Mukai Kosuke x Yamashita Nobuhiro

All the entries to this year’s festival plus competition films from the past are offered on view in the video gallery, 3rd Floor of The Museum of Kyoto.

A cinema cafe will be set up in the basement of the 1928 Building, and a discount offered for those with film festival tickets.

[Dates] September 13–16, 2002
[Venues] The Museum of Kyoto Annex Hall / Art Complex 1928
[Steering] KISFVF2002 Programming Committee
[Contact] phone: 075-353-9430

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