Other Screenings

2002-06-04 | Special screenings of Asian documentary films

“Cine Collection” (special screenings of Asian documentary films) will take place over June and July at Parthenon Tama. Documentary films from across Asia including Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Palestine, Israel, and Iran... dealing with a diverse range of themes will be featured. They will relate what Asia is today. 23 films, including works screened at the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, will be screened over the duration of the festival.

June 27th (Thursday) to 29th (Saturday),
July 5th (Friday) to 7th (Sunday)
23 in all including Soshin: In Your Dreams, A True Story about Love, My Mother’s Home, Lagoon, The Eclipse, News Time, Chlorine Addiction, Mardiyem, Then, She Closes Another Eye etc.
[Venue] Parthenon Tama Small Hall (Tokyo)

For a detailed schedule, please click on the link below. Parthenon Tama