The 18th National Cultural Festival “YAMAGATA 2003” Documentary Festival
Program 3: Japanese Panorama

Every Japanese Woman Makes Her Own Curry

- Matsue Tetsuaki
2003 / Video / 30 min

“The only thing my first girlfriend could cook was curry rice.” While three nights and four days about women living in Tokyo and curry rice might not seem very special, this work eloquently depicts the lives within a small community in the city. The piece is filled with a sense of longing. A new work by Matsue Tetsuaki, whose Annyong-Kimchi was favorably received at the New Asian Currents program in 1999.

- The Story of New Town

Honda Takayoshi
2003 / 16mm / 103 min

This piece explores the new towns that arose during Japan’s high economic growth period. Born and raised in just such a place, the director filmed his hometown and his complex family over several years.

- Picture Letter

Uchida Nobuteru
2002 / Video / 95 min

A director wandering through his life begins filming a friend in a similar situation. When another friend joins in, their relationship starts to collapse. However, something warm is discovered through meeting various people via the medium of picture letters. The exhibition of numerous picture letters serves to recall those years.

- How I Survive in Kawaguchi City

Murakami Kenji
2003 / Video / 30 min

The director only chose to live in Kawaguchi City,Saitama Prefecture because of the cheap rent and train fare to Tokyo. But as he explores the town with his camera, he finds many fascinating personalities. Most impressive is the director’s spirit, which turns his banal everyday life into a comical work. And this becomes the starting point for another new piece.

- Father Complex

Samata Yumi
2002 / Video / 27 min

A conflict within a complex and tragic family environment. A love/hate relationship with a father. In an attempt to extricate herself from hardship, she turns on the camera. In the form of monologue by cell phone, she expresses her interiority. Beyond the struggle with herself, a person has been revived.

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