Regarding the Organization of the Venues

There will be no assigned seating or numbered ticketing during the YIDFF 2011.

Seat Availability

Webpage (for mobile)  http://yidff.jp/m/   (in Japanese)
Mini blog (Twitter)   @yidff_kaijou   (in Japanese)


Streaming Video

YIDFF offers streaming video at http://yidff2011.jimdo.com/


Events at Citizens’ Hall Gallery

Special live performance of Malaysian shadow play, Wayang Kulit

October 7 (Fri) 17:00
October 8 (Sat) 13:00, 19:30 (twice)
“The Story of Maharaja Wana”

Yamagata Citizens’ Hall Gallery (17:00, 13:00)
Open space in front of Yamagata Citizens’ Hall (19:30)


Other Events

Machinaka Nigiwai Festival

This festival, which aims to convey the appeal and vitality of Yamagata, is scheduled to feature “Kimono de Yamagata,” Street Jazz Festival, a bazaar, imoni stalls, sales of local produce, demonstrations of traditional crafts, and much more.

Date: October 9 (Sun)
Venues: Nanoka-Machi Street and Nanoka-Machi Ichibangai Shopping Street
Organizers: Machinaka Nigiwai Festival, related organizations and more

La Noche Sabrosa—One Night Cuban Music Live

Related to “Islands / I Lands, NOW—Vista de Cuba,” we will present special live with trio group Suena Cubano from Cuba! PANTA from Zuno Keisatsu (Brain Police) will jump in!

Date and Time: October 11 (Tue) Open: 19:30 Start: 20:00
Venues: Sandinista
Admission: 2,300 yen (General), 2,000 yen (with YIDFF Festival Pass, ID Pass or ticket)

YIDFF Book Fair 2011

A book fair featuring books on film will be held at the Yamagata Hachimonjiya main bookstore. Please come and browse before screening the film.

Date: Through October 13 (Thu)