YIDFF 2005 Information


We would like to send thanks in advance to everyone who is interested in coming to our film festival. We are currently planning to run a bus to transport visitors from the Tokyo area.


Tokyo–Yamagata October 7 (Fri) Departure/Tokyo 10:00 Arrival/Yamagata 16:00
Yamagata–Tokyo October 14 (Fri) Departure/Yamagata 12:00 Arrival/Tokyo 18:00

  • Return: 10,000 yen
    We will accept reservations until the day of departure from Tokyo (October 7th).
  • One way: 5,500 yen
    We will accept reservations until the day of departure.

    * Seats are limited.
  1. To cancel a reservation, please contact us at least two days before your date of departure. Late cancellations will not receive a refund.
  2. Please note that if we do not have enough reservations, we will be forced to cancel the bus. We will make contact one week prior to cancellation should this happen.
  3. Please contact us by FAX or E-mail to make a reservation.
Contact Info
  • Prior to October 7
    YIDFF Tokyo Office / Attn: UEDA Ayano
    phone: 03-5362-0672 fax: 03-5362-0670 e-mail: mail@tokyo.yidff.jp
  • During the Film Festival in Yamagata (From October 7 to 13)
    Yamagata central Hall 4F ID Desk / Attn: SAKURADA Kyoko
    phone: 023-666-4480
Required information for all reservations
  1. Name
  2. Contact information (Mobile Phone preferred).
  3. The date you are taking a bus
  4. Hotel in Yamagata if you have a reservation

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