YIDFF 2001: Program

“Now,” “Here,” and “About the World”
Robert Kramer Retrospective

In this program we look at the works of Robert Kramer, a filmmaker who continued to produce films that deeply examined the essence of modern society from a political and critical perspective, often straddling the borders of dramatic and documentary cinema. As a director he possessed unshakable convictions, but still yearned for change. We present a comprehensive collection of his works for the first time in Japan. Around 25 of his films will be screened, from his Newsreel era through to his final work. In addition we will present a seminar: “Yamagata Doc’s Kingdom,” (named after Kramer’s Doc’s Kingdom filmed in Portugal), held in conjunction with the Cinematheque Portugal. The seminar will be a discussion on a grand scale featuring young filmmakers and film school students based in Yamagata. We will attempt to open a dialogue with the world shown to us through the lens of Robert Kramer, and explore the future of documentary. Also scheduled for guest appearances are Kramer’s music coordinator and trusted collaborator, noted jazz musician Barre Phillips; and a face frequently appearing in many of Kramer’s films, his widow Erika Kramer.

[10/3-7=Yugakukan, 10/8=Citizens’ Hall (Small Hall), 10/9=Central Public Hall]

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Kamei Fumio Retrospective

A collection of the films of Kamei Fumio (1908-1987), that could be described as the foundation of Japanese documentary film. Not only documentaries, but also features and PR films have been brought together for exhibition, and an array of special guests will be making appearances daily, so that we may gain a better understanding of Kamei who until now has been painted simply as an “anti-war filmmaker.”

[10/4-8=Solaris 3]

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Special Invitation Films

A tale of persimmons in Magino Village from Ogawa Shinsuke himself, filmed and planned to the editing stage but never completed—China’s Peng Xiaolian pays homage to her friend Ogawa with Manzan Benigaki, and U.S.A.’s Barbara Hammer delves into the unique essence of the Ogawa Productions collective, interviewing former staff and others involved with the group in Devotion. Three films by Ogawa Productions will be shown together. Johan van der Keuken’s The Eye above the Well screened at our first festival in 1989, and his Amsterdam Global Village (1997) also featured in the International Competition—now we posthumously present his The Long Holiday, in tribute to this accomplished filmmaker who passed away in January of this year. Also scheduled is a tribute to director Teshigahara Hiroshi, head juror at our first film festival who died in April of this year. The Masters and the Slaves, a journey through Brazil’s history and culture, is the latest work from 1999’s head juror Nelson Pereira dos Santos. Festival favorite Frederick Wiseman also returns with his new film Domestic Violence. Last but not least, we present three digital films produced through the 2nd Jeonju International Film Festival in South Korea.

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