YIDFF 2001: Program

Japanese Panorama

A program of new Japanese works. Tsuma no Kao is a culmination of the filmmaker’s work about his wife who suffers from aftereffects of the atom bomb—ongoing work from over thirty years ago, The internal conflict between the couple is moving. A female filmmaker who overcame eating disorder interviews friends who suffer from the ailment in Then She Closes Another Eye. An Error With Wings is the filmmaker’s personal search for her identity, made in collaboration with a 16mm camera crew. When her best friend announces that she’s actually Korean, the young filmmaker is stupefied, and muses on the issue of her own identity in Tei-chan’s Roots, which will be screened together with 35.4 °C, a personal short-short by the same filmmaker. Issues of Japan, Korea, and Asia are discussed in Nippon Suicide Pact, featuring interviews with art critic Haryu Ichiro. Shot on 8mm, Dialogue 1999 profiles the filmmaker herself through her relations with others. The director of Takashi and His Friends, who is physically disabled, records the lives of his friends and their instructor at their workplace. Kobayashi Shigeru’s A Patch of Blue Sky proposes a hopeful and joyous answer to master director Yanagisawa Hisao’s lifelong questioning through his films about the disabled.

[10/4 11:00, 10/5 21:00, 10/6 21:00, 10/7 10:30=Muse 1]

YIDFF News 2001-07-27


YIDFF Network Special Screenings

To be screened: from Taiwan, a look at the lives of those who fought as Japanese soldiers during WWII in The Lost Honor of Mountain; a female Japanese director follows the journey of an Indonesian WWII “comfort” woman in Mardiyem; a staff member’s private chronicle of the 1997 YIDFF, Good Friends, Good People; and a promotional film for Yamagata prefecture’s Yuza Town, 108 Smiling Faces.

[10/5 18:00, 10/7 14:00=Citizens’ Hall (Small Hall)]

YIDFF News 2001-08-29


High School Student Workshop Films

From July to September a video production course for high school students is being held in conjunction with Tohoku University of Art & Design. Five films due to be completed from these workshops will be screened.

[10/7 11:00=Citizens’ Hall (Small Hall)]