October 7 (Sat)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F
International Competition
10:00-11:22   Lone Existence
12:45-14:38   A House in Ninh Hoa
16:00-17:20   Machines
18:45-20:02   Communion
  October 7 (Sat)  
Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Large Hall)
International Competition
10:30-12:06   A Strange Love Affair with Ego
13:15-17:10   Sennan Asbestos Disaster
* Intermission 15 min
18:15-20:22   In the Intense Now
Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Small Hall)
10:30-11:54 Pacific—or the Contented
Vision of a Blind Man
14:40-15:42 Off Frame aka Revolution until Victory
16:25-18:40 The Red Army / PFLP: Declaration of World War
+ Talk: Adachi Masao, Mohanad Yaqubi
19:20-20:35 Lebanon in Turmoil
  October 7 (Sat)  
Forum 5

New Asian Currents
10:30-12:39 E In Memory of the Chinatown
The Slice Room
13:50-15:32 J Self Portrait: Birth in 47 KM
16:40-19:40 F On to the Next Step: Lives After 3.11
20:50-22:06 K Starless Dreams
Forum 3

New Asian Currents
10:45-12:24 C City of Jade
13:40-15:03 N Up Down & Sideways
16:20-18:19 A Bamseom Pirates, Seoul Inferno
19:30-21:13 L This Little Father Obsession
Forum 4
13:00-14:04 Tenryu-ku Okuryoke Osawa: Bessho Tea Factory
14:45-16:41 The Red Spectacles
  October 7 (Sat)  
Yamagata Museum
of Art 1
10:50-12:04   The Manuscripts of Timbuktu
13:00-14:24   Mogadishu Soldier
15:40-17:00   A Pair of Boots and a Bicycle (Changed)
  Cuba, an African Odyssey
* Intermission 10 min
Yamagata Museum
of Art 2
10:30-12:34 Diary of Our Daughter’s Birth
The Brightness of the Day
+ Talk: Konno Yuichiro
13:20-14:18 FUKUSHIMA: The silent voices
15:20-17:15 Life–Another Story of Fukushima
Short Films by Matsumoto Toshio
+ Talk: Ito Takashi (Add)
Yamagata Museum
of Art 5 (3F)
  YIDFF x Asagao to kasesan x Zero 23 Talk Show [Admission Free] (Add)
18:10-20:10 Discussion: The Disaster through Television Documentary [Admission Free]
Panelists: Michidoki no kai, Kasai Chiaki / Moderator: Ogawa Naoto
  October 7 (Sat)  
(Tongari Bldg. 1F)
14:00-16:00 Discussion: Living on the River Agano and Yamagata [Admission Free]
Panelists: Hatano Hideto, Kobayashi Shigeru, Masuya Shuichi, Kurata Takeshi, Kamiya Niji and others
Yamagata Rough Cut! 2 [Admission Free]
Tongari Bldg. 1F
11:30-21:30   Photo exhibition: Cinema Street / Watanabe Ani [Admission Free]
Old Photo Studio
12:00-17:00   New Asian Currents Presents
Roxlee’s Yakata [Admission Free]

[Last updated: 2017-09-22]

will feature a discussion session with guests after the program. (The screening times do not include Q&A periods.)
will be screened with no English subtitles, or simultaneous translation.
does not include film screenings.