Cinema with Us 2017

Supported by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc [SOMPO ART FUND] (Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan: 2021 Fund for Creation of Society by the Arts and Culture) and Association for Corporate Support of the Arts [GBFund] and Kamei Foundation for the Promotion of Social Education

October 7–9   [Venues] Yamagata Museum of Art 2 ‹M2›, 5 ‹M5›

Cinema with Us is a program that features work born from the unprecedented March 11th, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and accompanying nuclear power plant accident.


This program appears for the fourth time at the festival; six years have unavoidably passed since the disaster occurred (in the meantime, the tectonic plates have shifted so much that it has become unclear which disaster is being referred to at any given time, and political talk of “recovery,” is so ever-shifting that one is always uncertain which recovery is being discussed). Through films that confront this reality, we would like to start contemplating the following questions: What role can documentary play? What can this reality bring to documentary?

To further expand the activities of the 311 Documentary Film Archive, which is in its third year, we have invited the Bophana Audiovisual Research Center, in Cambodia. We will reflect on how film archives might aim to offer ways to deepen historical understanding of the regions affected by disaster.

FUKUSHIMA: The silent voices  Dir: Sato Chiho, Lucas Rue / FRANCE / 2017 / 58 min   Oct. 7 13:20 ‹M2›

Life—Another Story of Fukushima  Dir: Kasai Chiaki / JAPAN / 2017 / 115 min   Oct. 7 15:20 ‹M2›

Red Wedding  Dir: Chan Lida, Guillaume Suon / CAMBODIA, FRANCE / 2012 / 58 min
Where I Go  Dir: Neang Kavich / CAMBODIA, FRANCE / 2013 / 55 min   Oct. 8 13:30 ‹M2›

Nuclear Cattle  Dir: Matsubara Tamotsu / JAPAN / 2016 / 98 min   Oct. 8 18:30 ‹M2›

Oguni Matagi  Dir: Hayashi Gohei / JAPAN / 2017 / 124 min   Oct. 9 10:30 ‹M2›

Dear Monster—Poet and the Disaster  Dir: Ito Ken / JAPAN / 2016 / 60 min   Oct. 9 16:00 ‹M2›

The People Living in Hadenya  Dir: Agatsuma Kazuki / JAPAN / 2014 / 135 min   Oct. 9 18:00 ‹M2›

Discussions [Admission Free]
The Disaster through Television Documentary   Oct. 7 18:10 ‹M5›
Panelists: Michidoki no kai, Kasai Chiaki (Dir. Life—Another Story of Fukushima) / Moderator: Ogawa Naoto (Coordinator, Cinema with Us)

Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center   Oct. 8 16:00 ‹M5›
Speaker: Chea Sopheap (Director, Bophana Center)
Discussants: Takakura Hiroki (Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Tohoku University), Ogawa Naoto (Coordinator, Cinema with Us) / Moderator: Fujioka Asako (Coordinator, Cinema with Us)

What Did the Disaster Bring to Documentary?   Oct. 9 13:20 ‹M5›
Panelists: Araki Keiko (Director, Pia Film Festival), Yasuoka Takaharu (Producer / Professor of Japan Institute of the Moving Image), Sato Hiroaki (neoneo) / Moderator: Ogawa Naoto (Coordinator, Cinema with Us)