Opening Ceremony
[Date] October 5 (Thu) 17:15  
[Venue] Yamagata Central Public Hall 6F
[Admission] Admission Free
Opening Films: Ginrin / Bicycle in Dreams, Nishijin, For My Crushed Right Eye

Awards Ceremony
[Date] October 11 (Wed) 17:00  
[Venue] Yamagata Central Public Hall 6F
[Admission] Admission Free
Closing Film: The Power of Expression: The Minamata Producer Speaks

Award Film Screenings
[Date] October 12 (Thu)
The screening program will be announced after the Awards Ceremony.


New Asian Currents Presents
Roxlee’s Yakata

Grant: The Japan Foundation Asia Center Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration

Roxlee: animator, performer, filmmaker, and much more—hailing from the Philippines. A part of YIDFF since its inception, starting with his participation in the 1989 Asia Symposium, not only through his films, but through teaser posters, title roll animations, and T-shirts. Films old and new will be screened alongside an exhibition of his work in other media, including drawings, at the time-honored studio Nishimura Shashinkan (Old Photo Studio Nishimura located in Yamagata city center).

[Date] October 6 (Fri) –11 (Wed) 12:00–17:00 / October 12 (Thu) 10:00–13:00
[Venue] Old Photo Studio Nishimura
[Admission] Admission Free

Roxlee Special

Screening & Performance: Harajuku, Manila Scream, Green Rocking Chair, Spit/Optik, ABCD, and more

[Date] October 10 (Tue) 15:00–19:00
[Venue] Yamagata Citizens’ Hall (Small Hall)

Special Live Concerts!

In connection with the Africa program
Africa Night!

Live DJ show with hot African music by the DJ unit “It’s Time For Africa.”

[Date] October 8 (Sun) Start: 21:00 (Open: 20:30)
[Venue] Sandinista
[Admission] 2,500 yen (Adv/Door) including one drink
(2,000 yen with YIDFF ticket or pass)
* Advance tickets may be purchased at the YIDFF Yamagata or Tokyo office.
[Inquiry] e-mail: yidffafrica@gmail.com

For more information “Africa Night!” Facebook page


In connection with the Yamagata and Film “Ten Trips Around the Sun: Sato Makoto’s Documentary Horizon Today”
Performance: Everett Ghost Lines Version B—Faces (Yamagata special edition)

[Date] October 8 (Sun) Start: 19:00 (Open: 18:30)
[Venue] Kuguru (Tongari Bldg. 1F)
[Admission] 2,000 yen (Adv/Door)
[Inquiry] e-mail: masuya@yidff.jp

Collaborated Events

Presented by Yamagata University Institute of Visual Culture, YIDFF
Panel Discussion  Philippine Cinema Today: How Far Has the Third Golden Age Come?

Panelists: Roxlee, John Gianvito (Dir. Wake (Subic)), Hope Sabanpan-Yu (University of San Carlos), Shimizu Hiromu (Kyoto University)

[Date] October 6 (Fri) 15:30 (–17:30)  
[Venue] Yamagata Museum of Art 5
[Admission] Admission Free
[Presented by] Yamagata University Institute of Visual Culture, YIDFF
[Co-presented by] Japan Society for Southeast Asian Studies Hokkaido and Tohoku

Presented by Tohoku University of Art and Design
Symposium  The Time-Space of Images / Towards a Multi-Faceted Film Archive

The archive is not a simple storage box of the past.In this symposium, we will discuss the image archive—the place where a bolt of lightning marries the “now” and “then.” Panelists, together with the audience, will investigate the archive’s creative and imaginative possibilities through theory and through actual examples, aiming to achieve a new understanding.

Panelists: Stephanie Schulte Strathaus (co-Director of Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art, the head of the Forum Expanded program at Berlin International Film Festival), Hori Junji (Film scholar), Taguchi Kaori (Art restorationist), Minato Chihiro (Photographer, visual anthropologist) / Moderator: Kitakoji Takashi (Film critic)

[Date] October 9 (Mon) 16:15 (–19:15) 
[Venue] Yamagata Museum of Art 5
[Admission] Admission Free
[Presented by] Tohoku University of Art and Design
[In cooperation with] Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (NPO)

Festival Related Events

Tokyo Docs Night

Japan’s co-pro forum for documentaries (11/5–8) welcomes all! Also announcing Docu Memento, a new festival (11/2–3) in Tokyo!

[Date] October 6 (Fri) 21:30–23:30
[Venue] Bruno (1F Ichimaru Bldg., 2-4-23 Honcho)
[Admission] 500 yen
[Presented by] Tokyo Docs