Yamagata and Film

In Cooperation with Yamagata University Institute of Visual Culture

October 6–10   [Venues] Yamagata Museum of Art 2 ‹M2›, Forum 4 ‹F4›, 5 ‹F5›, Kuguru, Yamagata Manabikan

Yamagata, the “city of film,” is naturally the host of this international film festival, but there but there is also a history of film-related projects all across the prefecture of Yamagata. We stand upon a foundation erected through the accumulation of this history.


This program explores Yamagata’s present, past, and future through a variety of themes. Yamagata Silver Screen Revival! returns historical movie theaters in Yamagata Prefecture to their former glory through a variety of methods, including testimonial records and materials and film screenings. Among the many theaters lost to history, Green House was a legendary movie theater once considered by some to be the world’s best, located in Yamagata Prefecture’s Sakata City, while Kaminoyama’s Tokiwa Theater was featured in Oshii Mamoru’s first live-action movie, The Red Spectacles. Film director Sato Makoto has also had a profound impact on Yamagata’s film history. His relationship with Yamagata began back in 1989, during the first film festival. His work, Living on the River Agano was given a preliminary screening at the 1991 festival in rough form, and this important episode of his life as well as the valuable role YIDFF has had will be explored in Ten Trips Around the Sun: Sato Makoto’s Documentary Horizon Today. And don’t miss all the other projects where you can discover the happy relationship between Yamagata and film! From the video production workshop project, to The Future of Yamagata and Film, which presents film students’ films, and On the Road to a Creative City of Film, which details Yamagata’s efforts to achieve UNESCO certification.

Yamagata Silver Screen Revival!
The Red Spectacles  Dir: Oshii Mamoru / 1987 / 116 min (with No English subtitles)   Oct. 7 14:45 ‹F4›

Talking Head  Dir: Oshii Mamoru / 1992 / 105 min (with No English subtitles)   Oct. 9 10:30 ‹F5›
Talk: Ito Kazunori (Scriptwriter), Ueno Toshiya (Film critic)

The World’s “Top” Theater  Dir: Sato Koichi / 2017 / 67 min (with No English subtitles)   Oct. 9 13:30 ‹M2›
Talk: Nakagawa Hideki (College of Humanities and Sciences, Nihon University)

Ten Trips Around the Sun: Sato Makoto’s Documentary Horizon Today
Living on the River Agano  1992 / 115 min   Oct. 6 11:00 ‹M2›
Talk: Hiraiwa Fumiyuki

Artists in Wonderland  1998 / 93 min
Hanako  2001 / 60 min   Oct. 6 14:30 ‹M2›
Talk: Wajima Kotaro

Diary of Our Daughter’s Birth  1994 / 47 min (with No English subtitles)
The Brightness of the Day  1995 / 47 min (with No English subtitles)   Oct. 7 10:30 ‹M2›
Talk: Konno Yuichiro

SELF AND OTHERS  2000 / 53 min (with No English subtitles)
Memories of Agano  2004 / 55 min   Oct. 8 10:30 ‹M2›
Talk: Kotani Tadasuke

Out of Place: Memories of Edward Said  2005 / 137 min (with No English subtitles)   Oct. 10 10:30 ‹M2›
Talk: Komori Haruka

Discussions [Admission Free]

Living on the River Agano and Yamagata   Oct. 7 14:00 Kuguru
Panelists: Hatano Hideto, Kobayashi Shigeru, Masuya Shuichi, Kurata Takeshi, Kamiya Niji and others

Sato Makoto Seen from Abroad   Oct. 8 14:00 Kuguru
Panelists: Mark Nornes, Akiyama Tamako

The New Generation Sato Makoto Met   Oct. 9 14:00 Kuguru
Panelists: Kawasaki Tomoe, Komori Haruka, Wajima Kotaro, Okamoto Kazuki, Agatsuma Kazuki, Kawakami Takuya, Ishida Yuko, Kotani Tadasuke, Kobayashi Chikako, Oda Kaori, Hayashi Kenta / Moderators: Kiyota Maiko, Hata Takeshi

In connection with
Performance: Everett Ghost Lines Version B—Faces (Yamagata special edition)
[Date] October 8 (Sun) Start: 19:00 (Open: 18:30)
[Venue] Kuguru (Tongari Bldg. 1F)
[Admission] 2,000 yen (Adv/Door)
[Inquiry] e-mail: masuya@yidff.jp

For more information “Ten Trips Around the Sun: Sato Makoto’s Documentary Horizon Today” Facebook page

The Future of Yamagata and Film
Live Life Love  Tohoku University of Art and Design / 2017 / 112 min   Oct. 10 16:20 ‹M2›

On the Road to a Creative City of Film
Hard Boiled City Yamagata  Dir: Matsumoto Tatsuki (Student Representative) / 2016 / 20 min
Living with Film  Dir: Ito Kengo / 2017 / 39 min   Oct. 10 13:50 ‹M2›

Yamagata Iron Casting  Dir: Watanabe Satoshi / 2016 / 24 min
Yamagata Forged Blades  Dir: Sato Koichi / 2016 / 22 min   Oct. 10 19:10 ‹M2›
+ Tea ceremony

Encounter Cinema Yamagata
Oct. 9 13:30 Yamagata Manabikan