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Special Invitation Films

[Venues] Yamagata Central Public Hall 6F ‹YC›, Yamagata Citizens’ Hall (Large Hall ‹CL›, Small Hall ‹CS›), Yamagata Museum of Art 2 ‹M2›


To commemorate the passing of Matsumoto Toshio, who left his mark as a filmmaker, critic, and researcher, and whose work has often been featured at YIDFF, we will be showing Funeral Parade of Roses, the three-projector film For My Crushed Right Eye, in addition to other shorter documentaries and experimental films. The Power of Expression: The Minamata Producer Speaks, the closing film of the festival, reveals the work of the late Takagi Ryutaro, producer of many documentaries such as the Minamata series by director Tsuchimoto Noriaki. The Targeted Island: A Shield Against Storms was directed by Mikami Chie, who continues to direct her gaze at present-day Okinawa, exposing the truth of what takes place on the front line. Alpine Fire is the chef-d’oeuvre of Fredi Murer, who is featured at YIDFF 2017 and who enjoyed a friendly association with Ogawa Shinsuke. Stealing Rodin will be given a special screening as part of a joint program with the International Documentary Film Festival of Santiago.

Opening Films
“In Memory of Matsumoto Toshio”
Nishijin  1961 / 35mm / 26 min
Ginrin / Bicycle in Dreams  1955 / 35mm / 10 min
For My Crushed Right Eye  1968 / 16mm for three projectors / 13 min   Oct. 5 ‹YC›

Closing Film
The Power of Expression: The Minamata Producer Speaks  Dir: Inoue Minoru, Kataoka Nozomi / JAPAN / 2016 / Blu-ray / 100 min   Oct. 11 ‹YC›

Other Special Invitations
Alpine Fire  Dir: Fredi M. Murer / SWITZERLAND / 1985 / 35mm / 117 min   Oct. 8 19:45 ‹CS›

The Targeted Island: A Shield Against Storms  Dir: Mikami Chie / JAPAN / 2017 / Blu-ray / 119 min   Oct. 10 18:30 ‹CL›

Other films in “In Memory of Matsumoto Toshio”
Funeral Parade of Roses  1969 / 35mm / 107 min   Oct. 6 10:30 ‹CS›
Short Films by Matsumoto Toshio   Oct. 7 19:00 ‹M2›
Mona Lisa  1973 / 16mm / 3 min
Atman  1975 / 16mm / 12 min
Everything Visible Is Empty (Shiki souk zeku)  1975 / 16mm / 8 min
White Hole  1979 / 16mm / 7 min
Relation  1982 / 16mm / 10 min
Sway  1985 / 16mm / 8 min
* There will be a talk session with filmmaker Ito Takashi.

Special Joint Screening with Santiago International Documentary Film Festival
Stealing Rodin  Dir: Cristóbal Valenzuela / CHILE / 2017 / 80 min   Oct. 6 13:00 ‹CS›

YIDFF Network Special Screening

October 10   [Venue] Forum 5


The YIDFF Network is a volunteer group that was brought together for the inaugural YIDFF in 1989, as an initiative of Ogawa Shinsuke. Since that time, the group has continued to be active on a wide range of levels. YIDFF Network Special Screenings are organized for each Festival, with the intention of presenting films from the volunteers’ original perspectives.

Start Line  Dir: Imamura Ayako / JAPAN / 2016 / 112 min   Oct. 10 19:00

YIDFF x Tongari Bldg.

[Venue] Tongari Bldg. (1F KUGURU)

October 6 (Fri), 7 (Sat)
Yamagata Rough Cut!

October 7 (Sat) –9 (Mon)
Ten Trips Around the Sun: Sato Makoto’s Documentary Horizon Today (Discussions)

October 8 (Sun)
Performance: Faces (Yamagata Special Edition)

October 5 (Thu) –12 (Thu)
Photo exhibition: Cinema Street / Watanabe Ani