YIDFF 2011
New Asian Currents
  • All Restrictions End
  • Amin
  • Bassidji
  • A Brief History of Memory
  • Children of Soleil
  • Gift
  • Hard Rails across a Gentle River
  • Iranian Cookbook
  • My Own City
  • On the Way to the Sea
  • Prison and Paradise
  • The Red Rain on the Equator
  • Self-Portrait with Three Women
  • The Shepherd’s Story / Shinjuku 2009 + Ogaki 2010
  • Thatched Cottages on the Enclave
  • A Trip to the Barbershop
  • Unreal Forest
  • Water Hands
  • we began by measuring distance
  • We’ve never seen a night which has finished by reaching a day
  • The Woman, the Orphan, and the Tiger
  • World without Shadow
  • Yongsan
  • Yuguo and His Mother
  • The Red Rain on the Equator

    MALAYSIA, TAIWAN / 2010 / Chinese / Color / Video / 132 min
    Nova Goh


    The director learns about his relatives’ past in a letter from his mother. Former guerrilla fighters who fought for revolution in Malaysia speak in front of the camera. Calling forth images of their training and the stage of a history of colonialism, the director investigates the identity of ethnic Chinese in Borneo Island.

    Oct. 7 F3 | Oct. 9 F5