YIDFF 2011
International Competition
  • Apuda
  • Armadillo
  • The Collaborator and His Family
  • Day Is Done
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • The Embrace of the River
  • Images of a Lost City
  • Kantoku Shikkaku
  • Nénette
  • Nomad’s Home
  • Nostalgia for the Light
  • Position among the Stars
  • Vapor Trail (Clark)
  • What Is to Be Done?
  • The Woman with the 5 Elephants
  • Day Is Done

    SWITZERLAND / 2011 / Swiss German / Color / 35mm / 111 min
    Thomas Imbach


    A smokestack looming over the suburbs, passenger jets taking off, and many other incidents on the streets below as seen from the window of a studio, recorded diligently for over 15 years. Meanwhile, messages left on an answering machine provide fragments of the director’s personal life. Everyday scenery that sometimes speeds up with time lapse photography, and voices that offer hints regarding the filmmaker’s lifestyle. Both overlap within the flow of time, profiling a cross section of the world. The title is taken from a song by Nick Drake.

    Oct. 7 CL | Oct. 10 A6