YIDFF 2003 Information

October 15 (Wed.)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F
International Competition
Juror’s Film
Special Invitation Films
10:00 Fuente Álamo—The Caress of Time
12:20 Hunting Down an Angel or Four Passions of the Soothsayer Poet
14:20 Marathon
16:30 Who Killed Vincent Chin?
Sparrow Village
19:30 Number Zero
Yamagata Central
Public Hall 4F

Special Invitation Films
New Asian Currents
10:00 In Memory of Maeda Katsuhiro
Polluted Japan
Free Kwangju

New Asian Currents Special (Presentation)
Part 1 Indonesia
In Docs: In a Huge Land Full of Strife
Guests: Dian Herdiani, Tonny Trimarsanto
Moderator: Ishizaka Kenji
16:30 Part 2 South Korea
KOFIC and KIFV—Public Policies to Ensure a Diverse Cinema
Guests: Kim Hyae-joon, Kim Dong-won
Moderator: Ishizaka Kenji
Muse 1

New Asian Currents
Juror’s Film
New Docs Japan
12:00 A Repatriation  
15:30 O The Old Man of Hara
Dust Buries Sabuk
19:00 P Edit
21:30 Be More Human
Muse 2

New Asian Currents
12:30 C Nail
3rd Vol. 2—2 Light House
14:30 H Hard Good Life
Family Project: House of a Father
17:00 I The Circle’s Corner
The Big Durian
19:15 G Gina Kim’s Video Diary
  October 15 (Wed.)  
Solaris 2

Okinawa Panorama

White Mural (1942)

12:10 The Yoshiya Chiru Story (1962)
Ultraseven: The Young Messenger (1968)
15:00 Okinawan Chirudai <Special Edition> (1976-)
Talk: Takamine Go
17:15 Tsuru-Henry (1998)
Talk: Oshiro Misako, Oyadomari Chushin, Takamine Go
19:25 Paradise View (1985)
21:55 Hitchhiker (1977)
Fighting Rabbit (1992)
Solaris 3
International Competition
Special Invitation Films
13:00 DV2
16:30 The Way to the West
18:30 Stevie
21:30 IAG BARI—Brass on Fire
International Competition
12:30 S21, the Khmer Rouge Killing Machine  
15:00 Purity
17:00 On Hitler’s Highway
19:20 Flashback
Okinawa Panorama
Yamagata Newsreel!
16:00 Swell Air—Short Film Collection by New Talent from Okinawa  
19:00 Newsreel Related Screening (repeat) [Admission Free]
Great Society (with six 16mm projectors)
Head Game
  October 15 (Wed.)  

=Will feature a discussion session with guests after the program.

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