YIDFF 2003 Information

October 13 (Mon.)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F
International Competition
10:00 Flashback
13:05 Oui Non
16:10 S21, the Khmer Rouge Killing Machine
19:10 Basal Banar—Sacred Ritual of Truth
Yamagata Central
Public Hall 4F

Yamagata Newsreel!
10:00 Bullet Films Part 3
’68 Okinawa–Japan
Forest of Youth
A Report from Haneda
14:00 Internet Activism Part 1
“Things We Have Discovered through Webcasting”
Presenter: Kobayashi Atsushi
18:00 Internet Activism Part 2
“My Gulf War: Net Activism from the Left, the Right, and Every Other Direction”
Presenter: Abé Mark Nornes
Muse 1

New Asian Currents
New Docs Japan
Juror’s Film
10:30 G Gina Kim’s Video Diary
13:45 H Hard Good Life
Family Project: House of a Father
16:30 I The Circle’s Corner
The Big Durian
19:30 J Wellspring
Perpetual Motion
22:30 Letter from a Yellow Cherry Blossom
Muse 2

New Asian Currents
12:30 M Homesick
15:00 B A Short Journey
Nee Engey—Where Are You
18:30 A The Maze of Lanes
150 Seconds Ago
  October 13 (Mon.)  
Solaris 2

Okinawa Panorama

Turbulent Showa History: Battle of Okinawa (1971)

13:00 Let There Be Light (1946)
Star Lily War History: Questioning Education and the State Today (1979)
A Gap in History: Thirty-five Years Since the Massacre of Okinawans (1980)
16:10 Raising Ryukyu
These Ten Years, Part 1 (circa 1955)
A Selection from Ryukyu News
18:40 Okinawan Boys (1983)
21:10 Okinawa Islands (1969)
Solaris 3

International Competition
Okinawa Panorama
13:00 Via Okinawa (1989)
16:00 IAG BARI—Brass on Fire
18:30 Stevie
21:40 Hunting Down an Angel or Four Passions of the Soothsayer Poet
International Competition
10:00 Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks
10:00-14:10 Part 1
15:00-18:10 Part 2
19:00-21:10 Part 3
Okinawa Panorama
16:00 War Stories Told in Shima Kutuba <Six Parts> (2003)
  October 13 (Mon.)  

Japanese “Dai” Panorama
[Admission Free]
10:30 PEEP “TV” SHOW  
13:30 Kaiseki Cuisine
14:20 Super Documentary Avant-Garde Magic
15:30 Closing Ceremony

=Will feature a discussion session with guests after the program.

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