YIDFF 2003 Information

October 11 (Sat.)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F
International Competition
10:00 Shepherds’ Journey into the Third Millennium
13:30 The Way to the West
16:00 IAG BARI—Brass on Fire
18:50 Stevie
  Yamagata Central
Public Hall 4F

Yamagata Newsreel!
10:00 Birth of Newsreel, 1968 Part 1
No Game
Resist with Noam Chomsky
Jeanette Rankin Brigade
Boston Draft Resistance Group
Columbia Revolt
Talk: Oe Masanori
14:00 Birth of Newsreel, 1968 Part 2
The Case against Lincoln Center
Chicago Convention Challenge
Black Panther
Summer ’68
April 27
Talk: Jon Jost
19:00 Newsreel Symposium [Admission Free]
Participants: Christine Choy, Oe Masanori, and others
  Muse 1

New Asian Currents
Special Invitation Films
10:30 A The Maze of Lanes
150 Seconds Ago
14:00 B A Short Journey
Nee Engey—Where Are You
18:10 C Nail
3rd Vol. 2—2 Light House
21:30 Sound of Brasil
  Muse 2

New Asian Currents
12:30 N The Ballad of Life
A Night of Prophecy
15:00 L NEW (IMPROVED) DELHI—Director’s Cut
Three-Five People
17:30 K Ordo
Sand and Water
  October 11 (Sat.)  
  Solaris 2

Okinawa Panorama
10:00 Ryukyu Arts (1939)
Ryukyu Scenes (1940)
Scenes from the Okinawa Island and the Surrounding Islands (1936-40)
Okinawa (1936)
Southern Ryukyu Islands (circa 1940)
People of the Sea: Okinawa Island Story (1942)
12:30 Ryukyu Islands Historical Society Project
Screening and Talk
Guests: Higa Toyomitsu, Murayama Tomoe
War Stories Told in Shima Kutuba <Part 1> (2003)
Nanamui Part 1 Ceremonial Songs (2003)
16:10 Okinawa Yakuza War (1976)
18:20 The Miracle of Joe, the Petrel (1984)
21:10 Sonatine (1993)
  Solaris 3
International Competition
Special Invitation Films
13:00 Magino Village—A Tale
17:30 Basal Banar—Sacred Ritual of Truth
20:20 Fuente Álamo—The Caress of Time

International Competition
10:30 Gift of Life
14:10 Raymundo
17:20 On Hitler’s Highway
19:50 Purity

Okinawa Panorama
18:00 Tsukishiro Story (1959)
Kadekaru Rinsho (1994)
J.M. (2003)
22:00 Sashingwa (1973)
Okinawan Dream Show (1974)
  October 11 (Sat.)  

Japanese “Dai” Panorama
[Admission Free]
10:30 Because She Cheers Us Up
Picture Letter
13:30 Lunch Box
My Life Is White Rice! [Breakfast, Lunch, Supper]
Every Japanese Woman Makes Her Own Curry
15:00 A Sole Demonstration
17:00 Late Summer Dance
Don’t Push Me!
18:45 Kyokubushikan
How I surviving in Kawaguchi City

=Will feature a discussion session with guests after the program.

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