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  • September 11

    (Kugatsu juichinichi)

    - JAPAN / 2010 / Japanese / Color / Blu-ray / 78 min

    Director, Planning: Omiya Koichi
    Photography: Yamauchi Daido, Toyama Shinji, Nomoto Masaru, Osawa Kazuo, Watanabe Yuichi
    Editing: Tsujii Kiyoshi
    Producers: Osawa Kazuo, Watanabe Yuichi
    Production Company: Love, Peace & Care Connection (Omiya Visual Image Production, Nondelaico, Tofoo)
    World Sales: GETA FILMS / Spirits Project Inc.

    A complete record of a talk session held on September 11, 2010, in Hiroshima by a group of young people who refer to themselves as “nursing care fanatics.” These youth who share a passion for caregiving also appeared in the film Tadaima—I’m Home, a Place for Everyone (2010) by this same director. Their discussion branches out in diverse directions, transcending their everyday encounters with death and old age and exploring new ways of life and new value systems.

    [Director’s Statement] In times of disaster, people act unselfishly and spontaneously form communities. They accept one another in ways that are difficult in ordinary everyday life and can discover their true selves. To the seven individuals who appear in this film, it may seem as though Japanese society as a whole is a disaster zone.

    - Omiya Koichi

    Born in 1958, raised in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. In 1993, founded the company Omiya Visual Image Production. Planned, produced, and directed Tadaima—I’m Home, a Place for Everyone (2010, recipient of the grand prize for culture and documentary films in the 2010 Agency for Cultural Affairs film awards). In 2011, planned, produced, and directed The Sketch of Mujo, which documents landscapes and the words of people in areas affected by the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami.