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  • Transgender Trouble

    (Onna to shite ikiru)

    - JAPAN / 2011 / Japanese / Color / DVCAM / 100 min

    Director, Photography, Editing: Ebata Koki
    Co-producer: Urakami Takeo
    Drawings: Moca
    With the cooperation of: Joso New Half Propaganda
    Source: Ebata Koki

    The filmmaker, herself transgender, attempts to dismantle mass-media stereotypes of sexual minorities as heretical, peculiar, and perverse. She layers interviews with the staff and participants of the “Joso New Half Propaganda” event, following their lives and questioning the nature of diverse genders and sexualities.

    [Director’s Statement] Reading Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble was my impetus to make this film. Picking up a heavy camera for the first time (which seemed to push me around instead of the reverse), I filmed people who came together for the regular Tokyo event “Joso New Half Propaganda” over the course of a year. The unanswerable questions about sexuality only continue to deepen!

    - Ebata Koki

    Born in 1984. After graduating from college, she began shooting documentary in April 2009. Having completed the introductory documentary course at The Film School of Tokyo, she is currently studying in the Film and New Media graduate program at Tokyo University of the Arts.