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  • Record of the Quake Aftermath: Tohoku Korean School 2011.3.15–3.20
  • The Sketch of Mujo

    (Mujo sobyo)

    JAPAN / 2011 / Japanese / English subtitles / 75 min
    Director: Omiya Koichi

    The ruins of the unprecedented earthquake and tsunami, and the life that still goes on afterward, revealed on the screen in a way that cannot be reduced to mere information.


    Gift of Life

    TAIWAN / 2003 / Mandarin, Taiwanese / 148 min
    Director: Wu Yii-feng

    For details, see “A Reunion of Taiwan and Japanese Filmmakers: 12 Years later.”



    Hinoemata Kabuki Yarubeya

    JAPAN / 2011 / Japanese / English subtitles / 76 min
    Director: Abiko Wataru

    A record of the passion and emotion of the Hinoemata kabuki troupe, which has preserved its art amid the beautiful natural environment of Oze National Park, Fukushima Prefecture. We hope that this film will sweep away the image of “Fukushima” as the site of a nuclear accident that shocked the world, and that the film will be a motive force for recovery in the disaster area.


    Produced by the Nara International Film Festival
    3.11 A Sense of Home Films

    JAPAN / 2011 / Japanese, et al. / Japanese and English subtitles / 75 min

    Twenty-two filmmakers from around the world responded to Kawase Naomi’s invitation to contribute to a film on “A Sense of Home.” Participating directors include Victor Erice, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Jia Zhangke, Momoi Kaori, et al.


    The Sound of the Waves

    (Nami no oto)

    JAPAN / 2011 / Japanese / 156 min
    Directors: Hamaguchi Ryusuke, Sakai Ko

    “Against straightforward documentary images of the tsunami that are ‘imprisoned by the phenomenon,’ this film is a kind of ‘oral history’ of what people thought and did in the midst of that terror, and of what happened as a result.”


    Mermaid Legend

    (Ningyo densetsu)

    JAPAN / 1984 / Japanese / 35mm / 110 min
    Director: Ikeda Toshiharu

    Set against the building of the Fukushima nuclear plant, a feature film about alone wife fighting the forces that murdered her husband as part of a corrupt plot. A film awash with love and slaughter.