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  • Never Let Me Go

    (Tonaru hito)

    - JAPAN / 2010 / Japanese / Color / Blu-ray / 90 min

    Director: Tachikawa Kazuya
    Photography: Tachikawa Kazuya, Ono Sayaka, Osawa Kazuo
    Editing: Tsujii Kiyoshi
    Narrative Structure: Osawa Kazuo
    Producers: Nonaka Akihiro, Osawa Kazuo
    Planning: Inazuka Yumiko
    Production: Asia Press International
    Source: Nondelaico (Osawa Kazuo)

    Children removed from their parents due to abuse or neglect live with their caretakers at the Home of Children of Light. As the children long for love with all their being, the staff members try to stand beside them. It is never easy to repair and renew the relationship between parents and children. The camera gently approaches as they are tossed about on waves of expectation and despair, recording their lives and those of the staff who care for them.

    [Director’s Statement] Children living in uncertainty who continuously cry, “Don’t let me go.” The people close to them who squeeze them tight again and again. I believe that for people to achieve self-affirmation, they need others who accept them wholly.

    - Tachikawa Kazuya

    Member of Asia Press International. From 2001 to 2002, he reported on victims of aerial bombing in Afghanistan for television and other outlets. He has since worked in television documentary production as a cameraman and as a director in Japan and in Southeast Asia.