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  • BETWEEN YESTERDAY & TOMORROW Omnibus Vol. 1 “APRIL 2011,” Omnibus Vol. 2 “MAY 2011”

    - JAPAN / 2011 / Japanese / Color / Blu-ray / 52 min (Vol.1) + 52 min (Vol. 2)

    Vol. 1 “APRIL 2011”
    Maeda Shinjiro, Suzuki Hikaru, Arikawa Shigeo, Nakazawa Aki, Kimura Noriyuki, Takashi Toshiko, Ishikawa Tamagawa, Matsushima Shunsuke, Umano Noriko, Nishimura Tomomi

    Vol. 2 “MAY 2011”
    Yasuno Taro, Okamoto Akio, Hagihara Kenichi, Wakami Arisa, Ikeda Yasunori, Igarashi Tomoko, TANJC, Hayashi Yuki, Miyamoto Hirosi, Oki Hiroyuki

    Source: SOL CHORD solchord.tumblr.com

    An improvised omnibus, with entries made according to the following direction: “one day of shooting, dialogue recorded the previous day, and dialogue recorded the day after.” After its organizer, Maeda Shinjiro, posted the directions and a five-minute piece to the site of his DVD label, SOL CHORD, at the beginning of April 2011, participating filmmakers have uploaded their works every month. Here we will show Volume 1 (April) and Volume 2 (May). “One day” in different parts of Japan is recorded, including images and sounds from areas affected by the March 11 tsunami and those of ongoing demonstrations against nuclear power plants.

    [Director’s Statement] Immediately after the disaster of March 11, while being inundated with information through television and the internet, I felt a growing desire to convey and express my own feelings. Recalling a film series in which a set of instructions served as the basis for improvisation, I decided to call upon other trustworthy filmmakers for participation and to present the results online.

    (Maeda Shinjiro)

    Maeda Shinjiro, Suzuki Hikaru
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