YIDFF 2001

October 3–9

YIDFF 2001 Programs

  • Special Invitation Films: 14 works screened.
  • International Competition: 15 fresh new documentaries, sent in from around the world.
  • Jurors’ Films: 6 works from the jurors of the International Competition and New Asian Currents.
  • New Asian Currents: A program introducing up-and-coming documentary filmmakers from around Asia. 34 films were screened, as well as invitation films and a special program.
  • New Asian Currents Invitation Films: 8 films, including the Floating Islands series from Taiwan.
  • New Asian Currents Special: “Filmmakers Information Center: Searching for New Contexts.” 10 works screened.
  • Robert Kramer Retrospective: A complete screening of the films of Robert Kramer, a good friend of the YIDFF who died suddenly in November of 1999.
  • Kamei Fumio Retrospective: Kamei Fumio Retrospective: A collection of 42 documentary, feature and PR films by Kamei Fumio, whose work is said to be the precursor of Japanese documentary making.
  • Japanese Panorama: 9 brand-new documentaries from Japan.
  • YIDFF Network Special Screenings: Ever since the very first film festival, volunteer group YIDFF Network have consistently come together to play a vital role in the running of the festival. 4 films were featured in this program, selected by the YIDFF Network from their own unique viewpoint.
  • High School Student Workshop: This project was held for the first time last year, during the high school summer break from July to September. Dividing into five teams of five, the students themselves produced the five films that comprised this section.
  • Japanese Classic Films: A special screening of three classic Japanese feature films.

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--YIDFF 2001 Award Recipients

Prizes for the International Competition
The Robert and Frances Flaherty Prize (The Grand Prize):
The Land of the Wandering Souls  Dir: Rithy Panh / FRANCE

The Mayor’s Prize (Prize of Excellence):
In Vanda’s Room  Dir: Pedro Costa / PORTUGAL, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND

Runner-up Prize:
Mysterious Object at Noon  Dir: Apichatpong Weerasethakul / THAILAND
6 Easy Pieces  Dir: Jon Jost / USA, ITALY, PORTUGAL

Special Prize:
A2  Dir: Mori Tatsuya / JAPAN

New Asian Currents Awards
Ogawa Shinsuke Prize:
Soshin: In Your Dreams, A True Story about Love  Dir: Melissa Kyu-jung Lee / AUSTRALIA

Awards of Excellence:
Farewell  Dir: Hwang Yun / KOREA
More than One Is Unhappy  Dir: Wang Fen / CHINA

Special Mentions:
Along the Railway  Dir: Du Haibin / CHINA
Sky-blue Hometown  Dir: Kim So-young / KOREA

Citizens’ Prize
A2  Dir: Mori Tatsuya / JAPAN

In Vanda’s Room  Dir: Pedro Costa / PORTUGAL, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND
My Friend Su  Dir: Neeraj Bhasin / INDIA

My Migrant Soul  Dir: Yasmine Kabir / BANGLADESH

Special Mentions:
Pansy and Ivy  Dir: Kye Un-kyoung / KOREA
Mysterious Object at Noon  Dir: Apichatpong Weerasethakul / THAILAND

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--YIDFF 2001 Facts and Figures

Total Films Shown: 173

International Competition 15 _
Jurors’ Films 6  
Special Invitation Films 14  
New Asian Currents 34  
New Asian Currents Invitation 8  
New Asian Currents Special 10  
Robert Kramer Retrospective 23  
Kamei Fumio Retrospective 42  
Japanese Panorama 9  
High School Student Workshop 5  
YIDFF Network Special Screenings 4  
Japanese Classic Films 3  

Total Entries: 1,218 Films out of 88 Countries and Areas
  • Internatinal Competition
    670 Films out of 70 Countries and Areas
  • New Asian Currents
    536 Films out of 43 Countries and Areas

Attendance: 18,490

Guest: 88 (including 57 from overseas)
Press: 335 (including 49 from overseas)
Volunteers: 208