YIDFF 2009

October 8–15

YIDFF 2009 Programs

  • International Competition: 15 outstanding films were screened, selected from entries from around the world.
  • New Asian Currents: Introducing up-and-coming Asian documentary filmmakers.
  • New Docs Japan: A selection of new Japanese documentaries.
  • Islands / I Lands—Cinemas in Exile: An attempt to make a “island” where filmmaker and audience can speculate freely through encountering works.
  • Against Cinema—Guy Debord Retrospective: The first retrospective of Debord’s work in Japan presented his six films in an attempt to recapture his boundary-crossing activities.
  • Tomorrow’s a Day Away: Co-presented by EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) Japan.
  • Films about Yamagata: Program that looks at the relationship between Yamagata and films from a variety of points of view. This is the second time for this program.
  • YIDFF Network Special Screenings: Ever since the very first film festival, volunteer group YIDFF Network have consistently come together to play a vital role in the running of the festival. 2 films were featured in this program, selected by the YIDFF Network from their own unique viewpoint.

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YIDFF 2009 Interviews

--YIDFF 2009 Award Recipients

Prizes for the International Competition
The Robert and Frances Flaherty Prize (The Grand Prize):
Encirclement—Neo-Liberalism Ensnares Democracy  Dir: Richard Brouillette / CANADA

The Mayor’s Prize:
Oblivion  Dir: Heddy Honigmann / THE NETHERLANDS, GERMANY

Awards of Excellence:
Z32  Dir: Avi Mograbi / ISRAEL, FRANCE
The Fortress  Dir: Fernand Melgar / SWITZERLAND

Special Prize:
Japan: A Story of Love and Hate  Dir: Sean McAllister / UK, JAPAN

New Asian Currents Awards
Ogawa Shinsuke Prize:
American Alley  Dir: Kim Dong-ryung / KOREA

Awards of Excellence:
Bilal  Dir: Sourav Sarangi / INDIA
This is Lebanon  Dir: Eliane Raheb / LEBANON

Special Mentions:
Spiral Staircase of Harbin  Dir: Ji Dan / JAPAN
Ximaojia Universe  Dir: Mao Chenyu / CHINA

Citizens’ Prizes
Japan: A Story of Love and Hate  Dir: Sean McAllister / UK, JAPAN
Yuri—About Loving  Dir: Azuma Mieko / GERMANY

Community Cinema Award
Bilal  Dir: Sourav Sarangi / INDIA

Directors Guild of Japan Award
Doctor Ma’s Country Clinic  Dir: Cong Feng / CHINA

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--YIDFF 2009 Facts and Figures

Total Films Shown: 123

International Competition 15 _
Jurors’ Films 7  
Special Invitation Films 6  
New Asian Currents 19  
New Asian Currents Special Invitation Films 2  
New Docs Japan 10  
J-Pitch Seminars 2  
Islands / I Lands—Cinemas in Exile 24  
Against Cinema —Guy Debord Retrospective 6  
Tomorrow’s a Day Away 5  
Films about Yamagata 24  
YIDFF Network Special Screenings 2  
Special Screening to Commemorate the Inauguration of
the Directors Guild of Japan Award

Total Entries: 1,796 Films out of 119 Countries and Areas
  • Internatinal Competition
    1,141 Films out of 110 Countries and Areas
  • New Asian Currents
    655 Films out of 57 Countries and Areas

Attendance: 22,195

Guest: 198 (including 72 from overseas)
Press: 211 (including 42 from overseas)
Volunteers: 246