YIDFF 2007

October 4 –11

YIDFF 2007 Programs

  • International Competition: Fifteen painstakingly selected works from around the world.
  • New Asian Currents: Introducing up-and-coming Asian documentary filmmakers.
  • Facing the Past—German Documentaries: With a focus on war responsibility and “overcoming the past,” and furthermore the various issues left behind by East Germany, this program studies the ways in which German documentarians have faced up to their own history.
  • Dramatic Science! Yamagata Science Theater: The wonders of nature, the mechanisms of life and the infinite universe . . . The dramatic delights of science films.
  • Films about Yamagata: A comprehensive one-off screening featuring pre-war footage and films with a connection to Yamagata. Those films should grab your heart and arouse your interest in Yamagata.
  • The Endurance and Future of 8mm Movies: Five screenings and a symposium aimed at exploring the future possibilities of 8mm film.
  • New Docs Japan: Introducing documentaries by some of Japan’s most adept filmmakers, including topical works that have featured in international film festivals overseas.
  • AND Presents: Sound and Documentary: Lectures and discussion sessions for up-and-coming filmmakers from around Asia.
  • YIDFF Network Special Screenings: Ever since the very first film festival, volunteer group YIDFF Network have consistently come together to play a vital role in the running of the festival. 4 films were featured in this program, selected by the YIDFF Network from their own unique viewpoint.

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--YIDFF 2007 Award Recipients

Prizes for the International Competition
The Robert and Frances Flaherty Prize (The Grand Prize):
FENGMING A Chinese Memoir Dir: Wang Bing / CHINA

The Mayor’s Prize:
Encounters  Dir: Pierre-Marie Goulet / PORTUGAL, FRANCE

Runner-up Prizes:
Potosi, the Journey  Dir: Ron Havilio / ISRAEL, FRANCE
M  Dir: Nicolás Prividera / ARGENTINA

Special Prize:
Tarachime birth/mother  Dir: Kawase Naomi / JAPAN

New Asian Currents Awards
Ogawa Shinsuke Prize:
Bingai  Dir: Feng Yan / CHINA

Awards of Excellence:

The Drown Sea  Dir: Yuslam Fikri Anshari (Yufik) / INDONESIA
Back Drop Kurdistan  Dir: Nomoto Masaru / JAPAN, TURKEY, NEW ZEALAND

Special Mention:

Somewhere over the Cloud  Dir: Hsiao Mei-ling / TAIWAN

Citizens’ Prizes
Mr. Pilipenko and His Submarine  Dir: Jan Hinrik Drevs, René Harder / GERMANY
Back Drop Kurdistan  Dir: Nomoto Masaru / JAPAN, TURKEY, NEW ZEALAND

Community Cinema Award
Bingai  Dir: Feng Yan / CHINA

--YIDFF 2007 Facts and Figures

Total Films Shown: 238

International Competition 15 _
Jurors’ Films 6  
Special Invitation Films 7  
New Asian Currents 21  
Facing the Past—German Documentaries 15  
Dramatic Science! Yamagata Science Theater 38  
Films about Yamagata 26  
The Endurance and Future of 8mm Movies 100  
New Docs Japan 6  
YIDFF Network Special Screening 4  

Total Entries: 1,633 Films out of 108 Countries and Areas
  • Internatinal Competition
    969 Films out of 99 Countries and Areas
  • New Asian Currents
    664 Films out of 44 Countries and Areas

Attendance: 23,387

Guest: 171 (including 74 from overseas)
Press: 265 (including 37 from overseas)
Volunteers: 277