Program 7

Tying Land and Sea

(Umi to riku o musubu)

1960 / Color / Digital File (Original: 35mm) / 30 min

Directors: Noda Shinkichi, Nagano Chiaki, Yamamoto Toshiyuki, Takei Yoshinao
Script: Yagi Jinpei
- Photography: Uemura Ryuichi, Yoshie Michio, Tsuboi Shizuo, Yoshida Ken’ichi
Music: Mamiya Michio, Okada Kazuo
Narrator: Takashima Akira
Planning, Producer: Nippon Express Co., Ltd.
Source: Museum of Logistics (Production Support: Dentsu Live Inc., Nippon Express Holdings, Inc.)

This PR film for Nippon Express features location footage of modernized port facilities from Hokkaido and Honshu to Shikoku and Kyushu and of the process of loading cargo onto ships. The diamond-shaped wharf constructed at Muroran Port makes an appearance near the end, evidently as a model of how intermodal transport between land and sea should be developed.

Carrying the Olympics

(Olympic o hakobu)

1964 / Color / Digital File (Original: 16mm) / 41 min

- Directors: Noda Shinkichi, Matsumoto Toshio
Script: Noda Shinkichi
Photography: Shimizu Kazuhiko, Takada Akira, Inaba Motomitsu
Music: Mamiya Michio
Planning: Nippon Express Co., Ltd.
Production: Yuso-Keizai News Co.,Ltd.
Source: Museum of Logistics (Production Support: Yuso-Keizai News Co.,Ltd., Nippon Express Holdings, Inc.)

This documentary places the spotlight on the transportation workers who facilitated the 1964 Tokyo Olympics from behind the scenes. The people who transported the boats and bicycles for use in the competitions by sea and by air, as well as those who took on the work of installing and dismantling the urban courses, at last come into view alongside the thrilling spectacle of the athletes.

Nitiray A La Carte

(Nitiray a la carte)

1963 / Color, B&W / Digital File (Original: 35mm) / 29 min

- Director: Noda Shinkichi
Script: Matsumoto Toshio, Asai Ai, Noda Shinkichi
Music: Takahashi Yuji
Planning: Nippon Rayon
Producer: Asai Eiichi
Production Company: Dentsu Inc.
Source: Postwar Japan Moving Image Archive

Nippon Rayon has produced clothing of assorted colors, designs, and materials. Their nylon products are not limited to fashion but extend to all aspects of life. The film features shots of models wearing vibrant outfits as well as products being manufactured on the factory floor.