Program 2

The Girl of the Valley

(Tanima no shojo)

1949 / B&W / 35mm / 49 min

Director: Noda Shinkichi
- Photography: Urashima Susumu
Music: Koseki Yuji
Original Story: Shiroyanagi Yoshihiko
Cast: Okamura Michiko, Hamamura Jun, Kinoshita Yuzuko, Watari Sachiko
Producers: Yuhara Hajime, Yoneyama Kyo
Production Company: Toho Educational Film
Source: National Film Archive of Japan

Kisa, a girl from a charcoal-making household deep in the mountains, enters school in the village. She enjoys socializing with her classmates, but one day while she is at school a fire destroys the family charcoal furnace, and Kisa’s help becomes needed at home. This educational semi-documentary was shot on location in Yunishigawa, Tochigi Prefecture with a cast of local children.

The Locomotive Kid

(Kikansha kozo)

1950 / B&W / 35mm / 45 min

- Director: Noda Shinkichi
Script: Noda Shinkichi, Uchiyama Yoshishige
Photography: Urashima Susumu
Music: Oki Masao
Producer: Yoneyama Kyo
Cast: Futakuchi Shin’ichi, Watari Sachiko, Omachi Fumio, Hara Hisako, Kawamura Koji
Production Company: Toho Educational Film
Source: National Film Archive of Japan

Akira is a boy who moves in with his blacksmith uncle after losing his parents to war. Having looked up to his father and his work as a locomotive engineer, Akira dreams of pursuing the same career. His older sister Yumiko is living far away for work but visits Akira during her time off and supports his dreams for the future.

Work in Retail

(Kouriten no shigoto)

1951 / B&W / 16mm (Original: 35mm) / 18 min

- Director: Noda Shinkichi
Original Idea: Japan Association of School Film Education
Supervision: Shakaika Kyozai Eiga Taikei Shingikai
Cast: Futakuchi Shin’ichi, Omachi Fumio
Production Company: Toho Educational Film
Source: Kobe Planet Film Archive

This is a social studies film intended to help children learn about how society works. Jiro, whose family runs a stationery shop in town, asks his father why the price of crayons in their shop is different from other stores and learns about how goods are obtained from wholesalers. Products also need to be arranged thoughtfully in ways that will attract the eye of customers.