Program 4

The Workers of Keihin 1953

(Keihin rodosha 1953)

1953 / B&W / 35mm / 42 min

Editor: Noda Shinkichi
Photography: Nichiei Technical Group
Image from the Collection of National Film Archive of Japan
Music: Mitsukuri Shukichi
Producer: Yoneyama Kyo
Production: Educational Documentary Production Council, Kanagawa Prefecture Labor Union Documentary Production Committee
Source: National Film Archive of Japan

The Yokohama and Kawasaki factory district, industrial heart of Japan. In 1953, a Kanagawa Prefecture May Day (International Workers’ Day) took place here, spreading links of solidarity among workers. Workers criticize the Korean War-era transformation of Japan into an American military base and protest remilitarization. A new print will be screened.

June 1960: Rage Against the Security Treaty

(1960-nen 6-gatsu: Anpo e no ikari)

1951 / B&W / 16mm (Original: 35mm) / 18 min

- Director: Noda Shinkichi
Original Idea: Japan Association of School Film Education
Supervision: Shakaika Kyozai Eiga Taikei Shingikai
Cast: Futakuchi Shin’ichi, Omachi Fumio
Production Company: Toho Educational Film
Source: Kobe Planet Film Archive

This is a social studies film intended to help children learn about how society works. Jiro, whose family runs a stationery shop in town, asks his father why the price of crayons in their shop is different from other stores and learns about how goods are obtained from wholesalers. Products also need to be arranged thoughtfully in ways that will attract the eye of customers.