Reality and Realism: Iran 60s–80s

October 11–15   [Venue] Solaris 1

Iranian film continues to fascinate people all around the world. This program explores the origins of this pull, in the works of the 1960s through the ’80s. This 15-film program consists of fiction, documentary and experimental films ranging from shorts to features that allow for a deep consideration of two of the allures of Iranian film: the reality within the world of the film, and realism as a method of cinematic expression. It includes works by Sohrab Shahid Saless, who signaled the beginning of the “Iranian New Wave” in the late 1960s, a narrative film from the 1970s by Bahram Beizai, as well as the Japan premiere of four of Kamran Shirdel’s black and white films from the 1960s, recently restored by the National Film Archive of Iran. Also screening is Abbas Kiarostami’s First Case . . . Second Case, another Japan premiere, in addition to Ebrahim Mokhtari’s Tenancy, made immediately before and after Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979, Khosrow Sinai’s Hossein Yavari from the 70s, and Amir Naderi’s 80’s masterpiece, Water, Wind, Dust. Amir Naderi will be coming to Japan for the festival, to participate in a discussion that looks back on the filmmaking of the time.

The House is Black  Dir: Forugh Farrokhzad / 1963 / 20 min
Women’s Prison  Dir: Kamran Shirdel / 1965 / 10 min
Women’s Quarter  Dir: Kamran Shirdel / 1966 / 17 min
Tehran Is the Capital of Iran  Dir: Kamran Shirdel / 1966 / 17 min
The Night It Rained  Dir: Kamran Shirdel / 1967 / 38 min
Uncle Moustache  Dir: Bahram Beizai / 1969 / 28 min
Release  Dir: Nasser Taghvai / 1971 / 26 min
Black and White  Dir: Sohrab Shahid Saless / 1972 / 4 min
A Simple Event  Dir: Sohrab Shahid Saless / 1973 / 80 min
Still Life  Dir: Sohrab Shahid Saless / 1975 / 93 min
Hossein Yavari  Dir: Khosrow Sinai / 1977 / 16 min
First Case . . . Second Case  Dir: Abbas Kiarostami / 1979 / 53 min
Tenancy  Dir: Ebrahim Mokhtari / 1982 / 48 min
Water, Wind, Dust  Dir: Amir Naderi / 1989 / 75 min
Bashu, the Little Stranger  Dir: Bahram Beizai / 1989 / 120 min