Double Shadows 2: Where Cinema and Life Converge

October 10–16   [Venues] Yamagata Citizens’ Hall (Small Hall) and more

An acclaimed program from YIDFF 2015 returns for a second time, featuring films that will not only directly address the history of cinema and cinema itself, but also overlay images in mutual reverberation, imparting the light of the projected film subject. In C, D, J, and K, life and cinema become inseparable; in I and M, living on the land becomes part of cinematic impossibility. In G and H, there are worlds in which images have the power to deviate from restraints of law and authority; in L and N, film strives to re-connect severed history that contains life and truth. A and B mix reality and fiction, inviting disbelief of the actual existence of self; in E, F, and O, images reverberate against each other and existence is shaken such that time and place are transcended. In these works, the double shadows created at the locus of cinema and life’s convergence depict the diverse and varicolored act of living.

  1. Showman  Dir: Albert & David Maysles / 1963
  2. Meet Marlon Brando  Dir: Albert & David Maysles / 1966
  3. On My Way to Fujiyama, I Saw . . .  Dir: Jonas Mekas / 1997
  4. I Had Nowhere to Go  Dir: Douglas Gordon / 2016
  5. Remake of a Summer  Dir: Magari Bragard & Séverine Enjolras / 2016
  6. Chronicle of a Summer  Dir: Edgar Morin & Jean Rouch / 1961
  7. The Master  Dir: Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit / 2014
  8. Chuck Norris vs Communism  Dir: Ilinca Calugareanu / 2015
  9. Goodbye My Love, North Korea  Dir: Kim Soyoung / 2019
  10. Angela’s Diaries—Two Filmmakers  Dir: Yervant Gianikian & Angela Ricci Lucchi / 2018
  11. Two, Three Times Branco  Dir: Boris Nicot / 2018
  12. Mute Fire  Dir: Federico Atehortúa Arteaga / 2019
  13. Talking about Trees  Dir: Suhaib Gasmelbari / 2019
  14. People Power Bombshell  Dir: John Torres / 2017
  15. Isadora’s Children  Dir: Damien Manivel / 2019