October 6 (Fri)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F
International Competition
10:00-12:12   In the Intense Now
13:30-15:32   Calabria
16:45-20:13   Ex Libris—The New York Public Library
  October 6 (Fri)  
  Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Large Hall)
International Competition
10:30-12:03   I Am Not Your Negro
13:15-16:21   Another Year
17:30-20:01   Tremorings of Hope
  Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Small Hall)
10:30-12:17 Funeral Parade of Roses
13:00-14:20 Stealing Rodin
Fatah: Palestine
Beirut Never More
Letter from Beirut
Beirut My City
20:30-21:40 Marcel
Bernhard Luginbühl
  October 6 (Fri)  
  Forum 5

New Asian Currents
10:30-11:46 G Nokas
13:00-14:18 H Of Cats, Dogs, Farm Animals and Sashimi
15:30-16:29 D Droga!
Disintegration 93–96
The Beginning of Creation
A Woman of the Butcher Shop
I Rubber Coated Steel (Changed)
20:50-22:49 A Bamseom Pirates, Seoul Inferno
  Forum 3

New Asian Currents
11:00-13:08 P Yellowing
14:20-16:29 E In Memory of the Chinatown
The Slice Room
18:00-20:36 O A Yangtze Landscape
  Forum 4
New Asian Currents Special Invitation Films
13:00-14:10 Cuts
15:20-16:40 A Filmless Festival
  October 6 (Fri)  
  Yamagata Museum
of Art 1
10:30-11:59   An African Election
  Independência (Changed)
  Motherland (Changed)
  Nasser: Egypt’s Modern Pharaohs (Changed)
  Yamagata Museum
of Art 2
11:00-13:25 Living on the River Agano
+ Talk: Hiraiwa Fumiyuki
14:30-17:33 Artists in Wonderland
+ Talk: Wajima Kotaro
  Yamagata Museum
of Art 5 (3F)
  Presented by Yamagata University Institute of Visual Culture, YIDFF
Panel Discussion: Philippine Cinema Today: How Far Has the Third Golden Age Come? [Admission Free] (Add)
Panelists: Roxlee, John Gianvito, Hope Sabanpan-Yu, Shimizu Hiromu
  October 6 (Fri)  
(Tongari Bldg. 1F)
Yamagata Rough Cut! 1 [Admission Free]

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will feature a discussion session with guests after the program. (The screening times do not include Q&A periods.)
will be screened with no English subtitles, or simultaneous translation.
does not include film screenings.