Regarding the Organization of the Venues

There will be no assigned seating or numbered ticketing during the YIDFF 2013.

Seat Availability

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Daily Bulletin

This Bulletin will be published every evening throughout the period of the YIDFF and will feature up-to-date YIDFF information and other exciting content such as director interviews. Volunteers will assume responsibility for production and editing. The Bulletin will be distributed throughout the YIDFF site for the duration of the festival.

Citizens’ Prize

Your one vote could make the difference! Members of the public who visit the festival will vote for their favorite film. The winner will be announced at the award ceremony to be held on Wednesday, October 16.



Arlequin Voice Theater Live
Photo Slam “Bucharest~Phnom Penh~Chernobyl~Fukushima”

By Arlequin Voice Theater, Narration: Durian Sukegawa, Guitar: Pickles Tamura

The Revolution of 1989, the end of war in Cambodia, Chernobyl and Fukushima. Poet Durian Sukegawa and Italian photographer Pierpaolo Mittica trace more than 20 years of human labor and historical moments. Over 100 pictures will be projected. Narration and music will come together to deliver us an image of what’s happening on this planet.

Date: October 13 (Sun) Doors, open at 21:00, Performance, starts at 21:30
Venue: Forum 4
Admission: 2,000 yen (with Festival ticket stub or pass, 1800 yen)


Other Events

9th Furatto Machikado Music Festival

Enjoy street jazz on Ichibangai Street, in front of the festival’s main venue at Yamagata Central Public Hall (Az Nanoka-machi). There will be additional events such as ‘Imoni Pot Party in the Heart of the Town’ and ‘Comme Museum’ where students’ artworks are exhibited during the festival.

Date: October 13 (Sun) 10:30–16:30
Venue: Nanuka-Machi Ichibangai Shopping Street
Organizer: Nanukamachi Ichibangai Promotion Association

Directors Guild of Japan & Sky Perfect TV present
Talk event: The Horizon of Documentary

Panelists: Hara Kazuo, Sai Yoichi, Yang Yonghi, Irie Yu

Date: October 14 (Mon) 20:00–22:00
Venue: Yamagata Grand Hotel 2F (Sun River)
Admission: Admission Free