October 7 (Sun)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F

International Competition
Juror’s Film
10:00   Mr. Pilipenko and His Submarine
13:00 Waban-Aki: People from Where the Sun Rises
16:00   The Monastery
18:30   NHK Radio “Soundscape”
Yamagata Central
Public Hall 4F

Films about Yamagata
10:00   J-Pitch Seminar 3 [Admission Free]
Speaker: Hamano Takahiro
13:30 A Look at Prewar Yamagata
15:40 Yamagata Venusography
18:00 Horse
  October 7 (Sun)  
Muse 1

New Asian Currents
New Docs Japan
10:30 K Back Drop Kurdistan
13:30 G The Drown Sea
16:15 O OUT: Smashing Homophobia Project
19:10 L Fragments of depopulation
Public Blue
22:00 The Ants
Muse 2

New Asian Currents
12:30 C Sister
15:30 B Dream Walking
17:20 A Bingai
19:30   Talking about “New Docs China” [Admission Free]
  October 7 (Sun)  
Forum 4

Dramatic Science!
—Yamagata Science Theater
Facing the Past
—German Documentaries
10:30 F Japanese Masterpiece Selection 3: Recording Creatures
13:00 C Cosmologist of Life: 100 Years of Higuchi Genichiro
15:30 The Rebel
18:00 My Life as a Terrorist
20:00 Locked Up Time
Forum 5
International Competition
New Docs Japan
YIDFF Network
Special Screening
13:30 Ghada: Songs of Palestine
16:30   FENGMING A Chinese Memoir
20:30 The Cats of Mirikitani
  October 7 (Sun)  
Tohoku University
of Art & Design
The Endurance and
Future of 8mm Film
For this program only,
a single ticket is valid for
all screenings on a specific day.
12:00   Personal Focus 2007 Extras and Fukuma Yoshio’s Personal Focus Works  
14:00   Symposium: Contemplating the Future of 8mm Film

=Will feature a discussion session with guests after the program.
=Will be screened with no English subtitles, or simultaneous translation via earphone.