Radio Shimo-Kajiro: The Songs that Led Us Here Today

(Radio Shimo-Kajiro: Ano toki ano machi no ongaku kara ima koko e)

JAPAN / 2023 / Japanese / Color / DCP / 70 min

- Director, Photography: Komori Haruka
Editing: Komori Haruka, Fukuhara Yusuke
Sound: Fukuhara Yusuke
Planning, Appearance: Asada Wataru
Distribution: Radio Shimo-Kajiro

Shimokajiro Housing Complex is a public reconstruction housing complex for people evacuated from Namie, Futaba, Okuma, and Tomioka, as a result of the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. In this housing complex, where people gather from different places and where many elderly dwell, they began making and distributing CDs on music they remember, also putting on a show as if they were running a radio program, and even forming a band to play along with the rhythm of each singer. This film is a record of these unusual support activities for the disaster-stricken areas, connected by music to transcend the times and the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Komori Haruka

In Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture and various parts of the Tohoku region, has continued since 2011 to create works from the people’s stories and visual records of the area. Films include Trace of Breath (2016, YIDFF 2015), Listening to the Air (2018, YIDFF 2019), and Double Layered Town / Making a Song to Replace Our Positions (2019, co-directed with Seo Natsumi, YIDFF 2019).


Talk Session
Searching for Something to Share with the Generations Who Didn’t Experience It: Records, Memories, and Emotions of the Disaster

Twelve years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, ten percent of the population is now of the generation born after the disaster. Even though we think of the area as “post-disaster,” in this talk we will consider from a practical standpoint what can be passed on and shared with generations for whom it is an event out of history.

Oct. 8 (Sun) 18:00–19:30
Forum 2 *40 seats, free admission, no English interpretation
Komori Haruka (Filmmaker)
Kikkawa Yoshie (Teacher, Sendai Municipal Akiu Junior High School)
Ogawa Naoto (Program Coordinator; Curator, Sendai Mediatheque)


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