- JAPAN / 2015 / Japanese / Color / Blu-ray / 56 min

Director, Producer: Ikeda Sho
Photography: Kashiwada Yohei
Sound Editor: Yamamoto Takahiro
Supported by Shiraiwa Shintaro, Yanagida Shuhei, Yamazaki Megumi, Yokoi Yuki
Source: sundy, Inc.

A visual record of the Bakurocho Band’s live tour in New York City. A conversation about the future, between band member Habu Hiroshi and his pregnant wife. A fictional vignette about a couple on the brink of separation. Three incomplete stories of transience weave together, changing course for calmer horizons.

[Director’s Statement] After the 3.11 earthquake disaster, I was at a loss about how to best build relationships with the world around me. At that time I heard about the Bakurocho Band tour of New York that appears in this film, and went to film them half for fun. As I followed them around with my camera, I realized the beauty of the moment in which they tune their instruments. The discovery inspired me, and I even began to dream of a film only about their tuning. Thus began my journey toward making this film.

- Ikeda Sho

Born in 1983, Ikeda Sho lives in Tokyo. His work experiments with incorporating flights of fiction into the documentary craft. Ikeda’s other films as director include slider (2008) and Tsuchinoko ni gassho (2010). His Passing through the Shrine’s Gate (2015) will soon be playing in theaters. Ikeda is currently President of sundy, Inc. He participated in the Yamagata Rough Cut! program with this film at YIDFF 2013.