A Reunion of Taiwan and Japanese Filmmakers: 12 Years Later
  • Mickey Chen
  • Hsiao Chu-chen
  • Lo Shin-chieh
    Wang Hsiu-ling
  • Wu Yao-tung
  • Yang Li-zhou
  • Kobayashi Shigeru
  • Matsue Tetsuaki
  • Tsuchiya Yutaka
  • Terashima Mari
  • Wu Yii-feng
  • Kobayashi Shigeru
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    Born in 1954. After working as Sato Makoto’s cinematographer on works such as Living on the River Agano (1992; YIDFF 1993), debuted as director with After School (1998; YIDFF 1999). An award-winning photographer, he has also published several collections.

    After School

    (Hokago—Kyodogakudohoikujo Tsubasa kurabu no ichinichi)

    - JAPAN / 1998 / Japanese / Color /16mm / 20 min

    Director, Photography, Editing, Producer, Narration: Kobayashi Shigeru
    Sound: Kubota Yukio
    Assistant Photography: Kashiwagi Shigeyuki
    Line Producer: Fujimoto Yukihisa
    Production Company, Source: “Children in the Cosmos” Showing Committee


    (Jitensha—Kyodogakudohoikujo Tsubasa kurabu Hokkaido isshu saikuringu)

    - JAPAN / 1999 / Japanese / Color /16mm / 30 min

    Director, Producer, Photography, Editing, Narration: Kobayashi Shigeru
    Sound: Kubota Yukio
    Line Producers: Fujimoto Yukihisa, Ishikawa Hiroyuki
    Music: Pore Pore Jinbe-tai, Tau
    Production Company, Source: “Children in the Cosmos” Showing Committee

    At Tsubasa Club, a Sapporo day-care facility, children with and without disabilities play together. Kobayashi’s intimate camera captures their brimming energy in these two short films. A typical afternoon after school, and a summer bicycle trip around Hokkaido. Together with another short, the two films were released as a trilogy, titled Children in the Cosmos. link YIDFF ’99 Official Catalog


    - JAPAN / 2008 / English, Kiswahili, Kikuyu / Color / Blu-ray / 94 min

    Director: Kobayashi Shigeru
    Photography: Yoshida Taizo
    Editing, Associate Producer: Hata Takeshi
    Music: Sakaki Mango
    Special Cooperation: Sato Makoto
    Producer: Yatabe Yoshihiko
    Production Company, Source: KASAMA-FILM

    In the Kenyan city of Thika, children who live on the streets have their reasons for leaving home. They survive by selling scrap iron and plastic, sniffing paint thinner to forget the cold and hunger, and playing music together. A film crew from a faraway land documents the adolescence of these powerful characters.