A Reunion of Taiwan and Japanese Filmmakers: 12 Years Later
  • Mickey Chen
  • Hsiao Chu-chen
  • Lo Shin-chieh
    Wang Hsiu-ling
  • Wu Yao-tung
  • Yang Li-zhou
  • Kobayashi Shigeru
  • Matsue Tetsuaki
  • Tsuchiya Yutaka
  • Terashima Mari
  • Wu Yii-feng
  • Hsiao Chu-chen
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    Began making documentaries while in university on themes such as the disabled and victims of the White Terror. Currently a senior producer of television dramas.

    Grandma’s Hairpin

    - TAIWAN / 2000 / Mandarin / Color / 16mm / 90 min

    Director, Script, Producer: Hsiao Chu-chen
    Photography: Qin Ding-chang
    Editing: Chen Bo-wen
    Sound: Kao May-lai
    Source: Hsiao Chu-chen

    In 1949, the Nationalist party and 600,000 troops came over to Taiwan from Mainland China. The filmmaker’s father, a veteran, had to wait 40 years before he could cross the straits again. Hsiao uses an ornamental silver hairpin that belonged to her grandmother as the key to her father’s peers’ remembrances of the mainland. This film was screened at the International Competition, YIDFF 2001.