New Asian Currents [IRAN]

Noah’s Ark

Keshtiye Noah

- IRAN / 2002 / Persian / Color / 35mm (1:1.66) / 26 min

Director, Script: Soudabeh Babagap
Photography: Nader Masoumi
Editing: Nasser Sayyah
Sound: Behrouz Shahamat
Production Company, Source, World Sales: Iranian Young Cinema Society (IYCS)
Gandhi Ave, 19th St. No. 20, Tehran IRAN
Phone: 98-21-8773114 Fax: 98-21-8795675
E-mail: naderi@iycs-ir.com URL: www.shortfilm-ir.com

The number of ships sunk during the Iran-Iraq War is equivalent to a third of all those that went down during World War U. With its inventive soundtrack, this film gives a sometimes rhythmical, sometimes tragic interpretation of the fate of these discarded wrecks and the affection shown by the owners who search for them, while showing reconstruction work using primitive shipbuilding techniques and the scars of war that still remain.

[Director’s Statement] I think the visual structure of Noah’s Ark is the direct result of the characters of my film—the canal, the ruins, the burnt trunks of the palms, and the drowned ships. These characters brought about the visual structure of the film. Moreover, as soon as I think of a subject, I imagine it in a specific visual form and gradually develop and refine it in my mind, just like what you experience in painting and poetry when form and content come to you at the same time.

- Soudabeh Babagap

Born in 1971 in Iran. Immigrated from southern Iran after the Iraqi-imposed war. Graduated from the Islamic Training Center of Filmmaking in cinema directing. Besides filmmaking, she has also been involved in films as a writer, painter, poet, assistant director, scriptwriter and researcher. Works published in the book A Selection of Works.

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