Okinawa—Nexus of Borders: Ryukyu Reflections

An Intersection of Okinawa Images: Memory, Documentary and Dreams
Part 1: Oriental Ryukyus: Showa Era Pre-war Perspectives on Okinawa

Part 2: The Battle of Okinawa: The Final Conflict between the U.S. and Japan
1) Records without Mercy
2) Records and Propaganda
3) The Production of Memory and Transmission of Narrative

Part 3: The Battle of Okinawa in Relief / A Chronicle of Memories
1) Endless Questions
2) Voice and the Narration of Trauma: Memory and Living Words Today

Part 4: Americanization and Japanization
1) Promotion in the American Era
2) Soul-graphy of the A-Sign Era
3) Longing for the Mother Country / Across the 27th Parallel
4) The Return of Okinawa: Behind the Scenes
5) In the Gulf between America and Japan

Part 5: Caught between Different Worlds / When the 27th Parallel Disappears
1) Accumulated Voices, Entangled Gazes
2) In the Place of Violence: The Labyrinth of Resistance
3) The Penetration of the “Yamato Era” and the Construction of “Okinawa”

Part 6: Okinawan Diaspora / Leaving Okinawa

Part 7: Okinawa: Colonial Landscape
1) Colonial Elegies, Occupation Clichés
2) Sharing the Battle of Okinawa

Part 8: Earth Songs and Celestial Fantasies
1) A Banquet of Sound and Fantasy
2) Wandering of the Deities and Spirits

Part 9: The World of Takamine Go: Blood (chi), Earth (chi), Wisdom (chi), Foolishness (chi), and “chi”

Part 10: Diffused Reflections of Okinawa
1) The Reflection of Okinawan Images
2) Okinawa Mixed and Split