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Japan Academy of Moving Images
“Cinema Juku”
The Film School of Tokyo
Tohoku University of Art & Design Symposium

This program presents a roundtable discussion, as well as screenings of works from three film schools in Japan that teach documentary filmmaking. The Japan Academy of Moving Images in Kawasaki is renowned for theatrically released documentaries like Home. “Cinema Juku” in Osaka is a filmmaking initiative led by director Hara Kazuo. Students at the Film School of Tokyo participate in film projects by faculty filmmakers including Sato Makoto and Aoyama Shinji. This program presents works reflecting each school’s unique approach, and features a roundtable discussion with instructors. Works from the Media Arts Studies course at Yamagata City’s own Tohoku University of Art and Design represent an alternative type of film emerging from a non-documentary curriculum.


Japan Academy of Moving Images

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The Yokohama Movie and Broadcasting College was established in 1975 by Imamura Shohei and other leading figures in Japanese cinema. The documentary seminar was suspended after the first semester, but was reinstated in 1982 and kept in place through the school’s re-establishment as the Japan Academy of Moving Images in 1986, and continues today. The school has turned out countless image creators in TV, film and other fields. All works from the documentary seminar reflect Imamura’s emphasis on “human observation and its counterpart, self-investigation.”

Until the Wind Blows: The Old Man Rhapsody

(“Mukaikaze kuru made: Oyaji no uta”)

- 2002 / Color / Video / 41 min

Director: Oike Masayoshi
Photography: Nagase Futoshi
Editing: Imada Satoshi, Nagase Futoshi
Line Producer: Imada Satoshi

Oike Masao is serving a prison term of eight years and three months, charged with murder and abandonment of the corpse. He is the filmmaker’s father, and the victim was his grandfather. Five years following his father’s arrest, the filmmaker encounters his mother and sisters, who lead separate lives, and documents their thoughts and their efforts at pulling their lives together.

Oike Masayoshi

Born in 1981. Entered the Japan Academy of Moving Images after graduating from high school. Made this video during his second year at the academy. Has been screened at the event spaces UPLINK Factory and BOX Higashi Nakano, and won the Grand Prix at the AzContest 2002.


- Live Forever

(“Kumazasa no yuigon”)

2003 / Color / Video / 60 min

Director: Imada Satoshi
Photography: Kenmochi Fuminori, Harada Fuyuko
Editing: Harada Fuyuko, Imada Satoshi
Sound: Oike Masayoshi
Music: Matsumoto Yorihito
Narrator, Line Producer: Harada Fuyuko

Leprosy victims won a major court battle when Japan’s ninety-year policy of forced isolation was condemned as a human rights violation. But now people living in the sanatoria are getting old. How will they face society after their lifelong isolation?

Imada Satoshi

Born in 1976 in Tokyo. Entered the Japan Academy of Moving Images film department in 2000. Wrote and directed the 16mm short film If We Met behind the Moon during his first year and served as line producer on Until the WindBlows: The Old Man Rhapsody during his second year at the academy.

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