Cinema with Us
  • The Neighborly Tomodachi
  • The Great East Japan Earthquake: A Lesson for the Next Generation
  • Snow after the Day
  • Locus —Onahama 0811—
  • Lives after the Tsunami
  • Tsuchioto
  • March 18, 2011
  • From a Country Struck by Twin Tragedies . . .
  • What We Achieved and What We Didn’t
  • Great Grandfather’s Drum

  • The Sketch of Mujo
  • Gift of Life
  • Hinoemata Kabuki Yarubeya
  • 3.11 A Sense of Home Films
  • The Sound of the Waves
  • Mermaid Legend

  • 311
  • Fukushima: Memories of the Lost Landscape
  • My Camera and Tsunami
  • Kenojiru
  • Hurray! Hurray! Yamada: The Cheerleading Club of the Hosei
  • Tohoku University of Art & Design 3.11 Project
  • Never Give Up Concert
  • Namako Onna
  • The Future for Children in Fukushima
  • Nanyadoyara —Songs for the Dead and Alive—

  • Tomorrow
  • Ashes to Honey
  • Record of the Quake Aftermath: Tohoku Korean School 2011.3.15–3.20
  • Sendai Short Film Festival 3.11


    JAPAN / 2011 / Japanese / 137 min

    An omnibus film composed of 3-minute-11-second segments, created by 41 directors who struggled with their personal reactions to March 11 and what came after.


    Ashes to Honey

    (Mitsubachi no haoto to chikyu no kaiten)

    JAPAN / 2010 / Japanese, English, Swedish / Japanese subtitles / 135 min
    Director: Kamanaka Hitomi

    A film about people of Iwaishima who oppose the plan to build a nuclear power plant at Kaminoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and people in Sweden who are working to build a sustainable society. The film asks how we can develop our own energy future, starting from the position of the people engaged in that practice.


    Record of the Quake Aftermath: Tohoku Korean School 2011.3.15–3.20

    (Higashi Nihon Dai Shinsai Tohoku Chosen gakko no kiroku)

    JAPAN / 2011 / Korean, Japanese / Japanese subtitles / 67 min
    Directors: Komapress (Park Donsa, Park Sayu)

    The Tohoku Korean School was completely destroyed by the Great East Japan Earthquake. A documentary of devastation and the support activities, showing in a frank and candid manner how our compatriots in the Northeast are surviving the disaster.