Nature in Perpetual Motion

(“Mori to mizu no yume”)
Director: FUJIMOTO Yukihisa

1999 English Subtitled in n.a. Color 16mm 72 min

Production Company: Mori no eiga sha
Producer: FUJIMOTO Yukihisa
Photography: KASHIWAGI Shigeyuki
Editing: FUJIMOTO Yukihisa
Music: UI Hiroshi
Sound: HONMA Kimio
  International Sales: Mori no eiga sha
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Phone: 81-1566-4-3923
Fax: 81-1566-4-3923
E-mail: kouichi.haga@nifty.com

[Festivals and prizes] Mumbai IFF for Animations, Shorts, and Documentaries 2000 (India), Torento, Kathmandu Mountain Festival

[Synopsis] The beauty of Japanese alpine flora and fauna are magestically captured on film from a ecological p.o.v.
Flowers, flowers, flowers—in two short weeks during summer, Goshiki Meadows is a riot of color. A field 3km wide and 7km long stretches as far as the eye can see. Drops of water fall from the nearby snowy valley from where the large Tokachi River stems. A precious virgin forest of mainly Edomatsu and Todomatsu fir trees is the southernmost of one of the northern hemisphere’s largest coniferous forests. Some of the Edomatsu trunks are wider than the height of an adult. As they near the end of their life, seeds from the moss-covered bark fall, an ongoing activity of perpetuity which raises the next generation of trees. A process which goes back long, long before we were born.


His first film as director was the Malay Peninsula edition of the documentary series The War Not Taught in Schools in 1992. He met the people of Shintoku Town in the northern island of Hokkaido during the nationwide tour of the film and moved his filmmaking base to a farm house there. In 1996, he began working on two films, Mining the Dark, about a mining community in Hokkaido and this one, about Daisetsu Mountain and its nature.

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