Director: NOMURA Mannojo

1999 Japanese Subtitled in English Color 35mm 76 min

Production Company: Kosuke Office Co., Ltd.
Producer: SUZUKI Junichi
Photography: NAGATA Yuichi
Editing: NAGATA Yuichi
Music: NOMURA Mannojo
Sound: NAKAYAMA Kiyotaka
  International Sales: Kosuke Office Co., Ltd.
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Phone: 81-3-5396-5441
Fax: 81-3-5396-5442
E-mail: kousuke-@mub.biglobe.ne.jp

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[Synopsis] Acclaimed Kyogen artist and performing arts producer offers a philosophical look at Japanese culture.
The title comes from Man (Man Kyogen), which originates from traditional Noh Kyogen. Zai (Zai Monogatari) represents the four seasons, nature, and the culture of sensibility towards them. Raku (Otagura) is the performing arts of music and dance as have developed through Oriental dramaturgy. These three elements provide the vertical thread, while Parade, Ceremony and Attraction are the three horizontal threads of this 3x3 mandala in Nomura’s worldview of Japanese culture/arts. Words from leading artists and philosophers and scenes from Japan’s landscape throughout the four seasons are interwoven, vividly portraying Japan’s culture.

NOMURA Mannojo

Born in 1959 as the eldest son of Kyogen artist (Living National Treasure) Nomura Manzo. Followed in the family tradition as performer since his childhood. In March 1998 he planned and directed the closing ceremony of the Nagano Paralympics. He was chief producer of the Gifu Citizens’ Culture Festival ’99 and has supervised performing arts scenes of historical dramas on TV. His wide range of artistic skills have earned high acclaim. He is now planning a new kind of Asian masked drama performance called Shin gigaku in 2001.