(“Fujita Rokurobei fueno sekai”)
Director: TANAKA Chiseko

2003 Japanese Subtitled in - Color 16mm 36 min

Photographer: NAGATA Yuichi
Music: Gabriele MANCA
Producer: SUZUKI Junichi
Performer: FUJITA Rokurobyoe
  Contact Name: TANAKA Chiseko
Phone: 81-3-3505-5755
Fax: 81-3-5545-3875
E-mail: chiseko@cameo.plala.or.jp

[Synopsis] He plays the Noh flute, attends tea ceremonies, sings opera and thinks about the enlightening differences between the eastern and western cultures. Who is this man? Mr. Fujita Rokurobyoe is a performer in the Japanese traditional Noh drama. Follow his life and visit this extraordinary artist’s world from his point of view.

TANAKA Chiseko

Born 1949 in Yamanashi Prefecture. After working as a high school teacher, she became a freelance film critic. Has served on FIPRESCI juries at Berlin, Cannes, Venice and other film festivals, and coordinated film festivals featuring Hungarian and Austrian films in Japan, and a special focus on Kumashiro Tatsumi at IDF Rotterdam. Teaches at Meiji Gakuin University. Produced Manzairaku, directed by Noh master Nomura Mannojo (1999), and directed Noh-Gakushi (2002), Rokurobyoe (2003), and Miyabi / Mishima Yukio (2005).

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