Ride Forward on Your Bicycle

(“Jitensha de iko”)
Director: SUGIMOTO Nobuaki

2003 Japanese Subtitled in - Color Video, 35mm 115 min

Producers: KOMATSUBARA Tokio, SUMITA Nozomi
Editor: MURAMOTO Masaru
Photographer: MINAMI Yukio
Music: TERASHIMA Takuya
With: LI Pumyong, TSUKAMOTO Shin, WADA Masayuki
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URL: www.montage.co.jp/jitensya/

[Festivals and prizes] Yamagata IDFF 2005

[Synopsis] Pumyong is the salesman of a workshop for the handicapped. He pedals his bicycle around supposedly to advertise and sell merchandise made there, but . . . Along the way he drops by several places where he knows people: a takoyaki (grilled octopus dumplings) stand, a coffee shop, a workplace with fork lifts. He twists the staff members of the day care center House for Potatoes and Kids and the film crew around his little finger, and rides around Ikuno in Osaka indifferent to those around him.


Born 1956 in Niigata, Sugimoto Nobuaki worked as an assistant director at Gentosha under the helm of director Higashi Yoichi and producer Maeda Katsuhiro. Works include The Butterfly Flies—Forest (1987) and Mirage Theater (1992). He is a producer and director of visual art, and he has contributed work to exhibitions in museums and elsewhere.