Rough Cut Screenings and Discussions
[Venue] Yamagata Creative City Center Q1 2-B Theater Space

Oct 9th (Mon) 10:00–13:00


- Director: Mauk Kham Wah (Myanmar)

“Comradeship” is a documentary focusing on a tragic battle in Karenni state during Myanmar’s Spring Revolution. The People’s Defence Force (PDF) attempt to retrieve a fallen comrade’s body. However, the operation takes a devastating turn when two PDF members lose their legs—one from a landmine and another from a motor accident. Faced with heartbreak, they decide to hold a funeral with an empty coffin.

Bou sho

- Director: Kasetsu (Japan)

A project to write in calligraphy on the streets and ground using water, the camera gazing as the letters disappear. Calligraphy as a time-based medium. An attempt to represent in one shot how even precious memories fade away. Retaining “forgetting” in our memory.