Journey of a Bird

MYANMAR / 2021 / Burmese / Color / Digital File / 28 min

- Director: Anonymous

On February 1, 2021, a coup changed the world. As a feeling of resignation began to take over one young man’s heart, a friend’s words made him pick up a camera. Why not start a media group to document the reality of Myanmar today? The journey to revolution begins in their unique style, to a beat with a pop sensibility. They confront a world where the unreasonable and cruel are tolerated. Still the director captures the emotions and the raw expressions on their faces through the camera, leaving a record of their friendship there. They are like birds that sing lightly and fly around, who for now will rest their wings. When the time comes, they will be able to fly more freely. (NKY)

[Director’s Statement] Before the coup, I was just a filmmaker who loved making and watching films and at that time I was trying to make my first feature film. And then a coup happened, the film industry couldn’t run anymore. All Burmese people’s hopes and dreams were ruined.

At that time, I was thinking if I can’t make my first feature film, I will try to do my first documentary about the coup. So I started recording myself for a long time and this film was born.

The documentary is about the struggle of the young generation of Myanmar but I don’t want to make heavy drama stuff. Just in a natural way. Of course, the world already knows how the policies and soldiers of Myanmar are cruel, but they also need to know about how the military coup made a lot of chaos for our generation.

The director is just a man who likes to watch and make films. He needs to be anonymous in order to make his films in peace. This film was nominated for Best Documentary Short at the 2022 Clapperboard Golden Festival in Brazil, and it was an official selection in 2022 at the Festival del Cinema di Cefalù in Italy, the Toronto Multicultural Film Festival, the Hobnobben Film Festival in the US, the Dili International Film Festival in East Timor, the Black Cat Award International Film Festival in Bolivia, and the Kolkata People’s Film Festival in India.