Other Screenings

Special Invitation Films

[Venues] M1 Yamagata Museum of Art 1, S1 Solaris 1, YC Yamagata Central Public Hall 6F


Regrettably, several filmmakers connected to YIDFF whose films made pivotal contributions to film culture have recently passed away: Nelson Pereira dos Santos, a director who headed the jury at YIDFF ’99 and was known as the conscience of Brazil’s Cinema Novo; Tamura Masaki, renowned cinematographer, a member of the YIDFF ’95 New Asian Currents jury, and who was involved with Ogawa Productions since the Sanrizuka era; Marceline Loridan, partner of the late Joris Ivens and who came to Yamagata for YIDFF ’89 and ’99; Barbara Hammer, pioneer director of lesbian and feminist films, and chair of the YIDFF ’95 jury; and Peng Xiaolian, a director who brought an unfinished documentary of Ogawa Shinsuke’s to completion. Their films will be screened in homage to their legacies. There will also be a closing screening of Angela’s Diaries—Two Filmmakers, the final collaboration of longtime co-directors Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi.

A Japanese Village—Furuyashikimura  Dir: Ogawa Shinsuke / JAPAN / 1982 / 210 min   Oct. 15 10:50 M1
Manzan Benigaki  Dir: Ogawa Shinsuke, Peng Xiaolian / JAPAN / 2001 / 90 min   Oct. 15 16:00 M1
Sanctus  Dir: Barbara Hammer / USA / 1990 / 19 min   Oct. 15 19:00 M1
Nitrate Kisses  Dir: Barbara Hammer / USA / 1992 / 67 min   Oct. 15 19:00 M1
The Light of Tom  Dir: Nelson Pereira dos Santos / BRAZIL / 2013 / 86 min   Oct. 15 18:30 S1

Closing Film
Angela’s Diaries—Two Filmmakers  Dir: Yervant Gianikian & Angela Ricci Lucchi / 2018 / 125 min   Oct. 16 YC

YIDFF Network Special Screenings

October 11–14   [Venues] YM Yamagata Manabikan, M2 Yamagata Museum of Art 2

The YIDFF Network is a volunteer group that was brought together for the inaugural YIDFF in 1989, as an initiative of Ogawa Shinsuke. Since that time, the group has continued to be active on a wide range of levels. YIDFF Network Special Screenings are organized for each Festival, with the intention of presenting films from the volunteers’ original perspectives.

Children Before the Dawn  Dir: Yanagisawa Hisao / 1969 / 120 min   Oct. 12 12:30 YM [Admission Free]
And Life Goes On  Dir: Kobayashi Shigeru / 2004 / 107 min   Oct. 12 15:00 YM [Admission Free]
Maebashi Army Airfield  Dir: Iizuka Toshio / 2018 / 69 min   Oct. 14 10:00 YM [Admission Free]
Gocha Maze Koze  Dir: Mukan no TO / 2019 / 153 min   Oct. 11 10:30 M2 (Yamagata Museum of Art 2)

Finnish Sauna and Film

October 12–15   [Venues] Square in front of Yamagata Citizens’ Hall (sauna / Free Admission), S1 Solaris 1 (films)

The Finnish sauna, a space for communication with parallels to Japanese bathhouse and hot spring culture. This year in Yamagata—itself a land of hot springs—you can watch documentaries about Finnish saunas, and try one out too!

Steam of Life  Dir: Joonas Berghäll, Mika Hotakainen / 2010 / 81 min   Oct. 15 13:00 S1
Entrepreneur  Dir: Virpi Suutari / 2018 / 77 min   Oct. 15 16:00 S1

Finland Saunas
[Time] October 12 (Sat) 13 (Sun) (Changed)14 (Mon) 13:00–18:00 / October 15 (Tue) 15:00–19:00
[Venues] Square in front of Yamagata Citizens’ Hal
[What to bring] Swimming wears, towels, sandal
[Admission] Free

[In collaboration with] Finnish Film Foundation
[Supported by] Finland Embassy
[Design] Tomoyo Nakamura/buildingLandscape + Takashi Hirose/hrs architects
[Construction] Tohoku University of Art & Design Nishizawa Lab. + Tatsuhiro Ara
Yasuhiro Yamanaka Architects & YAMANAKA DESIGN OFFICE
Jokipiin Pellava Oy
Nystad Sauna Company
Osmia Finland
Visit Jyväskylä
Sauna from Finland