New Asian Currents & Double Shadows Special Events

This collaborative project attempts to shed light on aspects of Southeast Asian film history that were not written at the time, as well as those which have yet to be written even now. Issues that Southeast Asian films face—political, economic, or artistic—that arise through this symposium, installation and film screening, are not confined to a particular region or the medium of cinema.

Installation Time Spun in Celluloid Thread—Lab Laba-Laba Installation

Lab Laba-Laba is a collective of artists from Jakarta, who have joined forces to preserve, classify, and organize public screenings of films about to be discarded, with the aim of creating diversity within the field of visual culture. They maintain and repair film materials and equipment stored on the premises of the former National Film Studio (PFN) which they have been able to use free of charge. They have also been organizing workshops, seminars and expositions. Two artists in Lab Laba-Laba are invited to YIDFF 2015 to present their works. Their installation engages with the problem of how to transmit and actualize the cultural heritage that the remnants of films embody.

Edwin: Cutting Films / Memotong Film
(2015 / 16mm / 90 sec loop, triple screen)
Rizki Lazuardi: Hard Boiled / Peluru Panas Wanita Ibu Kota
(2015 / 35mm reversal film / slide viewer)

October 9 (Fri)–14 (Wed) 10:30–16:00
Venue: Old Photo Studio Nishimura  *Admission Free

Screening The Future of Southeast Asia’s Film Archives

What does the future hold for film and video archives in Southeast Asia—which have largely undeveloped due to the lack of legal regulations and funds? The documentary Behind the Flickering Light (The Archive) will be screened about Misbach Yusa Biran, the founder of Sinematik Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s first film archive, and about the intertwinement of his life with Indonesian Cinema.

Symposium The Magic of Found Footage

The method of “found footage,” assembling fragments of existent films and newsreels, has become widely known through European and American works by experimental filmmakers like Joseph Cornell and Bruce Conner, and has attracted growing interest in Asia in recent years. In this symposium, we have invited panelists who work in film conservation, exhibition, or production for a discussion of this history. While shreds of the visual image reflecting memories, lives, or dreams are rediscovered, reemployed and can connect time—they also raise questions about the mission and the predicament facing archives.

Edwin (Indonesia / Lab Laba-Laba)
Chalida Uabumrungjit (Thailand / Salaya Docs)
Yuki Aditya (Indonesia / Forum Lenteng)
and others
Moderator: Tochigi Akira (Japan / National Film Center, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)